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Infinity Train Season 3: Finally Renewed? New Cast, Story & Passengers!

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The only good thing that happened this year was the premiere of the second season of Infinity Train. With every passing month, the demand for Infinity Train Season 3 has increased. Fans of the teen animated show are waiting for an official renewal. Although its creators already have some plans for the new installment. When will the new episodes come out? Will Tulip return to the train? Will there be a book 3? Here’s everything you need to clear your doubts.

Infinity Train is a young adult animated series produced for Cartoon Network. The first season premiered not long ago in August 2019 and ran for ten episodes that were broadcast within five days. The show got popular years before its debut due to its 2016 pilot episode. It became the most viewed pilot on the channel. After it released as a series, the demand for more episodes reached its peak.

Infinity Train Season 3

Due to heavy demand, CN renewed the animated show in no time. The second season appeared in early January 2020. Like the previous one, Season 2 ran for ten episodes that premiered over the period of five nights. The new episodes turned out to be much more successful than ever before and left fans wanting more. Infinity Train Season 3 is still in the talks.

Infinity Train Season 3: Renewal Updates

People have seemed to like the concept of Owen Dennis’ sci-fi adventure series. Aside from the main storyline (centering around Tulip Olsen), fans have been curious about the mystery of the Infinity train. While fans have been building up theories about Tulip’s return to the train, the show’s creators have confirmed that the future seasons will move on from her story. Considering that the series is an anthology, viewers may get to watch a whole new plot involving the train.

Series creator Owen Dennis and Cartoon Network have shown interest in producing more seasons. However, either of them is yet to announce the official renewal of Infinity Train Season 3. Well, fans don’t need to worry as chances for its return are still pretty high. The series is popular enough to run for several more seasons successfully.

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What Will It Be About?

As mentioned above, Dennis has previously confirmed that the anthology series will now move on from Tulip’s story. Infinity Train Season 3 is likely to introduce us to a new passenger on picking up the adventurous journey. It’s not clear whether the character will be in any relation to Tulip Olsen. Although there is a possibility that he/she might land on the train accidentally as the previous protagonist did. However, the journey of this passenger might be much more different and troublesome than Tulip.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

Well, now that the story of the animated show is changing, it might change the cast as well. In that case, fans may not get to witness their favorite voice actors on the show again. However, there’s still a chance that some of the voice artists might return to play different characters this season. Fans around the globe are expecting Ashley Johnson (Tulip), Jeremy Crutchley, Ernie Hudson, and Robert Daymond Niles, to come back.

On the other hand, series creator Owen Dennis, who has previously played a character on the show might lend his voice again. As of now, the makers are yet to release the official list of new characters and cast members.

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Infinity Train Season 3: Release Date

Cartoon Network or any other company related to the show’s production is yet to confirm its release. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the production of several television series and movies. This seems to be the case for Infinity Train Season 3 as well. Well, the anthology series takes lesser time to return to the TV again. According to speculations, the sequel should’ve already released by now. Yet, there are no traces of the new episodes so far.

The third season could’ve faced a delay in production due to the pandemic. Hence, the creators may take longer to bring the series on the television. Fans are expected to keep their cool in this situation. At the earliest, Infinity Train Season 3 might premiere sometime around late 2020 or early 2021. We will update this section as soon as any official news comes out. Keep an eye at this corner for all future updates.

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