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Southern Survival Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Show? All The Details!

Recently Netflix released another reality tv series- Southern Survival. All viewers loved the show because it kind of took everybody outdoors even while staying inside their homes. Fans are really looking forward to Southern Survival Season 2. The show features the BattlBox crew, who test many survival gear in very difficult and challenging methods. While fans want more, will they get it? Here are all the details about what is happening with the show

Renewal Status & Release Date

Netflix just released the show, Southern Survivor, on July 3, 2020. So, it will be sometime before Netflix would renew it for Southern Survivor Season 2. The streaming giant usually takes a few weeks to analyze the viewership of the series, and after that, it is possible that Netflix would give a green light for a second season.

As for when the show would release, the show isn’t renewed yet. So it is quite difficult to predict when Southern Survival Season 2 would release. Along with many scenes of the show are shot outdoors, and with the ongoing pandemic, the outdoor shoot is one of the most challenging things in production. Therefore we can expect Southern Survival to release in the second half of 2021 or maybe even later. 

What Has Happened So Far?

In the first season of Southern Survival, viewers got to see all the crew members tackling problems dependent on a particular theme. The first season saw one major theme fire. A crew member- Brandon Currin, goes on and faces these challenges. In one episode, they find a matchstick that cannot be extinguished by anything. They also find a fireproof fabric. 

In another episode, which was titled- ‘Escape,’ the Southern Survivor team takes up a challenge to get out of an underwater car. All the episodes of the series are designed in a way that will keep all the viewers on their toes. The crew takes all possible measures, including precautions against many natural disasters like mudslides, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

This series is undoubtedly entertaining, but with that, the show is also pretty informative as well. Viewers of the show come to know about all the important measures to take during natural disasters. The final and the most significant thing of fun on the show is called the chief draw, and that makes everything 10X interesting. All the crew members explain how things work in a way that nobody feels excluded. 

What’s Coming Next In Southern Survival Season 2?

For Southern Survival Season 2, the fans can expect the show to bring in the same adventures as the first season. The scenes will be gripping scenarios. We can also expect the Southern Survival season 2 to maintain the same tone as the first season. It was one of the biggest reasons why the first season bagged this kind of viewership. There are many survival products that are yet to be tested, and many more rumors and misconceptions need to be cleared. We will update this space with all the new information as we get it. You stay tuned with us for all the updates. In the meantime, you tell us what you felt about the show in the comments below! 

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