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Kingdom Hearts 4: Game In Development? Creators Teasing Updates & All The Latest Details!


Earlier this year, Square/Disney released Re Mind DLC, and since then, Kingdom Hearts 4 became the talk of the town. The players completed Sora’s journey within this new DLC, and now they can’t wait to get their hands on the latest installment. The fans already faced a hiatus before playing Kingdom Hearts 3, and they certainly don’t want that situation to arise again. Continue reading to unveil all the latest details of this anticipated game. 

Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing video game. Square and Walt Disney co-created this game for PlayStation 2. It made its debut in 2002 and became the 10th best selling game for PS2 of all time. The creators developed numerous sequels with side stories and main plots, and the series sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Square has published three main installments of this series so far, and all of them are successful and critically well-received. Some critics even considered it as one of the greatest video games of all time. 

Kingdom Hearts 4

Kingdom Hearts 4: Officially Announced?

Square/Disney is yet to announce the fourth installment of the game officially. However, they teased about it on various occasions. It is reported that the creators won’t be announcing it for some more years. They don’t want the fans to wait just like the last time. Therefore, they are planning to announce Kingdom Hearts when it’s development will near to its completion. Hence, the players have to wait a little longer to get the official announcement of the game. 

Is Kingdom Hearts 4 In Development?

According to various reports, two side games will publish before the fourth installment of this original franchise. Director Tetsuya Nomura has acknowledged the series several times but gave no specific information. Square Enix has two development teams that work only on the KH franchise. And one of those team is currently working on some new idea which is certainly not the new DLC’s of the previous games. It is speculated that the new project is Kingdom Hearts 4. Tetsuya also cleared that there will be no new updates for Kingdom Hearts 3 as the development team is now working on the various new projects.

Creators Talking About The Game!

Recently on Twitter, Director Tetsuya organized an exclusive Question Answer series known as the 13 questions of darkness. In which he addressed questions about Kingdom Hearts 4 and about the series in general. He said, “It’ll take some time till the next main ‘Kingdom Hearts’ game i.e., Kingdom Hearts 4.” Tetsuya added, “Besides the KHIII development team and the KHUχ development team, pair of other teams are currently at production, and one of these two teams’ games will come out surprisingly quick.” This time the director didn’t avoid any questions on the fourth installment sprouted towards him. Tetsuya answered all of them fairly. He also talked about the upcoming mobile game of the series. 

What To Expect From Kingdom Hearts 4?

After Re Mind’s mysterious ending, we can expect a few things about what could happen in the new game. Firstly, the Master of Masters will become a more significant role, as will the surviving members of Organization XIII. The ambiguous ending of Re Mind unveiled that Luxord is somehow associated with the Master of Master, an obscure and ostensibly ancient character who may have been pulling strings all along, delivering him an even bigger bad Xehanort. 

It will also focus on Yozora, a character presented in Kingdom Hearts III as a fictional persona within the Toy Story universe. Yozora also emerges as the ultimate boss at the Re Mind DLC’s real end, delivering some mysterious threats and vows to Sora in an extraordinary battle before he ‘wakes up’ in his home reality in a picture that’s suggestive of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer. Many of the game’s ideas and characters were repurposed in Final Fantasy XV, so all of these links are bewildering. This could include some kind of ongoing crossover with The World Ends With You world as well. Sora has joined Shibuya several times thus far, each time he does, the spectator is shown Shibuya’s 104 building, a fabrication located only in The World Ends With You universe.

What Do Fans Like To See In The New Game?

The franchise has encountered numerous Disney worlds so far. And that is one of the main attractions of this game. It is one of the unique blends in the gaming industry and also the reason behind the success of the gaming series. And the fans already have their opinions on who should be the next one in the Disney universe to appear in Kingdom Hearts 4. Bambi, Dumbo, Moana, Onward, Up, and the Princess and the Frog are such universes that the players will love to visit. The characters of these shows will make Sora’s journey more mysterious and fun for the players. 

Kingdom Hearts 4: Release Date

The fourth installment of the game is yet to get a confirmation from the creators. But, given the popularity of the series, it is almost inevitable. Square Enix is currently working on numerous projects, including some side story games and a mobile game too. Therefore it is hard to predict the exact release date of it. In the best-case scenario, Kingdom Hearts 4 will release sometime in 2023, or else the fans can also expect it to release sometime later.

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