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The Walking Dead Season 10: Big Revealation At San Diego Virtual Comic-Con, Maggie Returning


The Walking Dead Season 10 finale episode postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. Initially, season 10 consisted of 16 episodes. But, due to hold on production, its finale episode is not filmed yet. As we all know, the theme of the zombie thriller series is quite impossible to shoot by following the health protocol. However, showrunner Angela Kang teased that they are trying to do their best. But, when the filming for season 10 will resume is not officially announced yet. Further, the showrunner revealed that The Walking Dead season 10 finale details would be announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2020 virtual event.

The Walking Dead, created by Frank Darabont, is a horror zombie-devastation drama series on AMC. The series based on Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore’s comic book series. It follows the struggle of human survivors faced after the tragic zombie-devastation. Initially, in the series, it was revealed that if the walkers scratch or bite a human, then the person also converts into a walker. Later it disclosed that all human beings bear a pathogen that is responsible for their mutation. However, it activates when the human is dead. So, the only way to live is to destroy the walker’s brain or body to kill them permanently.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Finale Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 10 was assumed to wrap up by now. But, because of the current condition, the filming for its finale episode is pushed back. That made fans wait for an undefined period. Recently, the series fans started questioning on Instagram regarding the finale episode premiere. On which, the showrunner Angela Kang has revealed that soon their wait will be over. The official release date for the finale episode, titled “A Certain Doom” would be announced on San Diego Comic-Con@Home.

The fans have to tune into The Walking Dead panel on July 24, Friday at 1 pm PT or 4 pm ET. Many of the show’s cast and team members avoided social gatherings to stop spreading this deadly disease. Earlier, it was announced that San Diego Comic-Con was canceled (you know the reason). However, SDCC came up with a brilliant idea to virtually host the event. The event scheduled for July 22-26, 2020. In which, fans can attend the event in the comfort of their home.

Who Will Join The Panel?

Since the annual San Diego Comic-Con event is going to be much different from what usually happens. Thus, the fans and all the film and series makers are excited to participate. The forthcoming virtual event will feature many series, including The Walking Death. In which, cast members such as Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will join the panel.

Maggie Is Returning As Lauren

In the previous season, Maggie Rhee as Lauren Cohan exit from the series after killing Negan. But, in the teaser of season 10 finale, Maggie reads a letter. That is written about the dark events and deaths that happened in her absence. That prompted her to return. Further, the showrunner said that doors are always open for Maggie. On which, the series director Greg Nicotero teased that The Walking Dead Season 10 finale would be jaw-dropping. If considering every story arc and unsolved puzzle. It seems things will take up to the next level.

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