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The Good Place Season 5: Will NBC Renew The Show? Possibilities, Spin-Offs And All The Details

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It has been a few months since The Good Place completed its fourth season. Will we get more of the show? Will there be The Good Place Season 5? Created by Michael Schur, the comedy-drama first released in 2016 on NBC. It has garnered high praise from critics and viewers alike. After these four hilarious and very entertaining seasons, fans have been looking forward to The Good Place Season 5.

The show follows Eleanor, who found herself in the afterlife that resembled heaven. While in the “Good Place,” Eleanor comes across Chidi, Jason, and Tahani while she understands that she hasn’t done anything to be in heaven like the afterlife. Later on, she comes to know that these four people are actually in a “Bad Place” and are being tortured by Michael, the person who built the whole community holding group. 

The Good Place Season 5

In the meantime, Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi, and Jason align with Michael and also the programmed guide- Janet. They are fighting the current afterlife system. However, the team as they call themselves- “Team Cockroach” couldn’t enjoy the peaceful afterlife in the first three seasons, and that continues to happen in the latest and the fourth season of the show. Hence, humanity also hangs in the balance. 

The team has already erased Chidi’s memory. They have made him a subject for a new experiment. The afterlife has to be changed to understand why humans haven’t been able to reach A Good Place for so many years. Then, they finally find a solution that could save the afterlife and the world. At the same time, they would be able to gain admittance into the real Good Place. What’s next? Here are all the details about it- 

What Has Happened So Far?

The finale episode of the fourth season of The Good Place- “Whenever You’re Ready” saw the characters from the show enjoying in The Good Place. With a lot of good thought, Michael created the door that allowed all the characters to once and for all end their afterlives and disappear forever. The episode emphasized characters living their lives before they started deciding to leave.

The first person to decide was Jason, who very beautifully bid goodbye to Janet after he threw a huge party with the whole classic Arizona DJ set. After him, Tahani decided to leave; He decided that he would be the architect of the test, determining whether humans would come into The Good Place. Viewers also got to see Michael as he became a human and started adjusting the life on Earth. He even said a tearful goodbye to Eleanor and Chidi as they went through the door. The series then ended with him telling the humans to take the whole thing slowly. 

The Good Place Season 5: Renewed?

This indeed is a piece of bad news. The latest and the fourth season of the NBC comedy-drama- The Good Place was the last of the show. It has ended with the fourth season, and hence we wouldn’t get to see The Good Place Season 5. The show first released in September 2019 and ended in January 2020. The fourth season of the show received a whopping 100% rotten tomatoes. But, the sad truth is, that really was the last. 

Michael Schur On The Good Place Season 5

Creator- Michael Schur revealed that the fourth season was the final season of the series. They had planned it to be the last ever since the second season aired. Back in June 2019, Schur spoke to TV Line that every time they thought of extending the show, they came back to what the guiding principles and thought if they would break stories, if they had extended it. Then they always decided that it was better to cut things off before they run out of juice. That always keeps them on pace and ends after the fourth season. 

He also admitted that a part of him wanted to keep the series on, but then it felt right to end it. Schur went on to say that this idea was very specific, and it has a specific flavor and has a specific set of guidelines in terms of how long the show runs, and if they did it anything else, it would be betraying the nature if they drag it longer. 

Could There Be A Spin-Off?

There are many rumors that The Good Place might get a potential spin-off. However, nothing is confirmed yet. The rumors surfaced after the online mini-series- Selection released. It moves forward in the backdrop of The Bad Place. However, the creators did not confirm anything about it yet. There hasn’t been any revelation that confirms if they would expand the series anytime, so this spin-off seems very less likely. 

The Good Place Season 5: What’s Could Come Up Next?

We’d like to say never say never. Yes, all evidence hint that we wouldn’t get The Good Place Season 5. However, anything is possible in the tv series world. It indeed is difficult to say goodbye to something when reboots and revivals are very common. So, could The Good Place be revived? It may; it may not. With NBC’s new streaming service coming on, it is next to impossible to say what the streamers would bring to the table. 

If The Good Place Season 5 ever happens, what could come up? The show will only make sense if they bring the original cast & characters. The season could also find some loophole that would tell that the gate does not actually wipe the person’s existence. That would indeed make it possible for all the core members to reunite with Michael and Janet, who knows?

On the other end, there could be a major problem with the afterlife system that the team has created, forcing team Cockroach back to where they were. There are a number of things that could develop into a full-fledged storyline. However, we’d suggest our readers not to get too excited and consider that season 4 is the last of The Good Place. 

What’s Michael Schur On To Next?

The executive producer of The Good Place has delivered a number of hilarious shows including The Office. He has also co-created Parks and Recreation along with producer Greg Daniels. After that, Schur created The Good Place and also co-created Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now that The Good Place is over, where will we see Schur next in action?

Michael Schur will next executive produce a yet-untitled dark comedy series for HBO Max soon. We wish all the best to the man. It would indeed be as hilarious as all other shows. We will keep an eye on all the updates from the creators about the show and pass them on to you. You stay tuned with us for all the latest updates on the show. In the meantime, tell us, what do you think about the show? Did you like it so far? Tell us in the comments below.

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