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Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Showrunner Hints The Magnolias Return, More Details To Know


As soon as the romantic drama series Sweet Magnolias landed on Netflix, it quickly secured the first position on the streaming platform. However, the cliffhanger ending left everyone begging for Sweet Magnolias Season 2. The three childhood friends of the small Southern town of Serenity brought sweetness, thrill, and a fantastic bond of friendship with them. That helped everyone to stay calm and enjoy during such a deadly period. However, there are many questions left unsolved and especially those who were in the car? Let’s have a look at what the showrunner has to say on that.

Sweet Magnolias, created by Sheryl J. Anderson, is a romantic drama series on Netflix. The series is based on Sherryl Woods’ novel of the same name. It follows three best friends Maddie Townsend (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Dana Sue Sullivan (Brooke Elliott), and Helen Decatur (Heather Headley). The three South Carolina women know each other since childhood and call themselves Sweet Magnolias. Throughout the time they protect each other through the complications of family, career, and romance. Maddie, who recently divorced, is now trying hard to return to the workforce. Helen and Dana Sue have already established their business as a lawyer and a chef.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Show?

Sweet Magnolias aired on Netflix in May, which turned into one of the biggest hit shows on the platform. Soon the series saved its first place in the top 10 shows in the United States. However, the cast and crew are still stunned with this overnight success of the show. On which the creator Sheryl Anderson explained that one of the reasons for this immense success is timing. When the series hit Netflix, the world was in full chaos because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people were finding some ways to relax their minds. And the show just hit that in time.

The series is based on the foundation of trust, friendship, and community so, people get more connected to this emotional level. They tried their best to write something that could soothe them, even in such a difficult period. At that time, people were urging for stories with a strong foundation of respect. So the writers were busy writing things that can represent themselves in the story, said Sheryl.

Mystery Would Resolve In The Second Run

The creator said they weren’t able to answer all the questions in the first season. Also, fans are curious about looking for all the things that haven’t resolved, especially the loose end at the first season finale. However, it’s too soon to tell everything that’s in her mind. But, she teased that whenever they were able to return, they’d surely answer all the questions that bothered their fans.

Sheryl Confirmed Sweet Magnolias Season 2

Recently, Netflix has renewed Sweet Magnolias for Season 2. Sheryl took on to Twitter and confirmed the return of three Magnolias- Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen. She wrote: “For all of you who have been asking who’s in the car? I am delighted and honored to announce Sweet Magnolias has been renewed for the second season! Congratulations to our amazing crew and cast, and many thanks to our fans!” She added that sharing the set with these three beautiful women and the entire cast of the series has been the most peaceful experience.

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