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Dracula Season 2: Renewed? Is Dracula Dead? All Questions Answered, Know About Upcoming Season


Have you already watched the first part of Dracula, and are eagerly waiting for the coming one? We have brought some latest updates regarding the upcoming plot of the show. Dracula Season 2 is going to be even more interesting than the previous season. So, better get ready for a roller coaster ride of the dramatic scenario.

If you a fan of Dracula and the world of vampires, then the series ‘Dracula’ is for you. The show has been developed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, based upon the novel of the same name by Bram Stoker. The plot follows the origin of Dracula in Eastern Europe. There, we see more blood, curse, and drama throughout the series. Even though the show is a fantasy drama, it will keep you intact till the end. There is the search of the monster who drinks human blood. Dracula made its debut earlier this year on Netflix. You will surely be amazed to see tall, handsome, witty, and sophisticated Dracula on the screen. However, it seems that Dracula Season 2 is on the way of coming. Let us find out the upcoming story of the series.

Dracula Season 2

Dracula Season 2: Renewed?

For now, the show has not been officially renewed for its second installment. The reason for the delay is very common, the Pandemic. It seems that the worldwide lockdown has dragged down the entertainment industry. But, things will surely be back to the normal track in no time. Moreover, Mark says in an interview that it’s hard to kill a vampire. It means that the series is not canceled, and it will come up sooner or later.

Dracula Season 2: Is Dracula Dead?

Do you think that Dracula can die? Because we don’t think so. However, at the end of the first installment, we saw Zoe’s dying scenario. In return to that, Dracula sacrificed himself by drinking her cancer blood. It might have poisoned him. Dracula Season 1 ended on a note showing both of them living their last moments. But, dead will not be the end if there are the chances of another season. However, many believe that the show doesn’t need another season as it has a satisfying ending. It seems that fans need to have some patience to know about the show’s fate.

Will Return With More Power

Dracula might return to next season with more powers within himself. Zoe has already cleared many myths of death before. Dracula is freed from the sun’s danger, fear of the cross, and many other phobias. It seems that they were all just the myths and mindset, and revealing them made a more powerful Dracula. Dracula Season 2 might also include the same concept and bring the Dracula with even more powers. We expect the return of Claes Band as Count Dracula, John Heffernan as Harker, Dolly Wells as Sister Agatha, and Mark Gatiss in a cameo.

Dracula Season 2: Release Date

There isn’t any official announcement regarding the coming of Dracula Season 2. But, there are specific hints, which means that the show will return. We expect the season to get renewal by its platform soon. Till then, keep watching and staying updated with us.

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