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The Morning Show Season 2: Emmy Nominee Mimi Leder Hints The Second Season Story Arc

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After a close call with the virus onboard, the series writer is all set to write The Morning Show Season 2. It will return with already foreseen events that predicted before it captured the entire world. Surprisingly, the finale landed the filmmaker and stars straight to Emmy’s 2020 Award Nominations. In such a condition, the filmmakers and actors prepare themselves for the Emmy’s. However, things would be quite different, unlike how it was hosted in the past. Now, it would be a virtual event where the stars and creative team will join from the comfort of their house. So, let’s see what they are expecting from 2020 Emmy Awards.

The Morning Show, created by Jay Carson, is a drama series on Apple TV+. It follows Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) struggles to protect her position as a top anchor in The Morning Show. A famous breakfast news show airs on the UBA network from Manhattan, that has assumed to change American television’s face. However, Alex’s on-air partner Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), suddenly gets fired in between a sexual misconduct scandal. However, Alex fights back to save her job. Meanwhile fighting with Brandley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), a field reporter to keep the show’s top position.

Mimi Leder Teased The Morning Show Season 2

Speaking to Deadline, the series director Mimi Leder drops a hint on the next chapter. She added that the next chapter would reflect the world’s current condition. Likewise, the first season was based on #MeToo. However, Mimi didn’t reveal too many details about the next chapter. But, she already raised the stakes high when the Brandley reports on a cruise ship that had virus onboard. Perhaps it would draw viewers’ attention to Brandley and his team dealing with the situation. Meanwhile, others wonder what’s happening.

The Morning Show Season 2: Way To The 2020 Emmy Awards

Well, it was a close call for Brandley as well as Mimi. The finale episode “The Interview” drove director Mimi directly to her tenth Emmy nomination for the Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. On which her fellow executive producer Kerry Ehrin’s praised her for foreseeing and predicting events prior. Leder is known as a trendsetter for a female filmmaker for the past few years. She was the first woman filmmaker who directed DreamWorks Studios back in 1999s. Also, the first woman welcomed into the AFI Conservatory.

Billy Crudup Shared His Journey To Emmy Nomination

Billy Crudup shared that he didn’t get the chance to read the script until they started filming his much-revised role. However, he knew about this series eight months before shooting, the time when writers were still working on his character’s story arc. However, the role was somewhat tricky to play. In the first two episodes, he looks powerful. But, with time, his role’s mindset changes. And it’s quite interesting how he sees the world. However, it landed Billy on his first-ever Emmy nomination.

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