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NOS4A2 Season 3: Renewed By AMC? Creator Reveals Details!

NOS4A2 Season 3


NOS4A2 Season 3: The second season of AMC’s horror-drama series- NOS4A2 concluded a few days ago. The season left us with a number of questions that we need answers for. What is happening? Is NOS4A2 Season 3 happening? Based on a novel by Joe Hill and a 2014 graphic novel called Wraith, the show follows Vic McQueen, who discovers about her strong creative ability to open a way to inscape using her knife. Throughout the two-season, we see Vic fighting Charlie Manx, an evil character who uses his powers to kidnap children and sends them to “Christmasland.” 

Later on, they become bloodthirsty vampires because of Manx’s Rolls Royce Wraith. In the second season, Vic believed that she is safe, but then she realizes that she will have to destroy Christmasland to get rid of Charlie Manx. As the story unfolds, her mission becomes more complicated than ever. What could come in on NOS4A2 Season 3? Keep reading to know- 

Is It Renewed?

As of now, AMC has not yet renewed the horror drama show for the third season. However, we do have hope that we will get the renewal news soon. The show was hugely benefitted from both Joe Hill and his father Stephen King’s wide fanbase. While the viewership of the show has dropped from the first season, the show is still one of the most viewed horror shows on the platform. 

Talking about NOS4A2 Season 3, showrunner Jami O’Brien revealed that they have more stories to tell. He says that creator Joe Hill has left them with a very big canvas. They can continue to tell stories even when they run out of the content from the book. O’Brien says that right now, AMC has not renewed the show for season three, but he thinks that a lot of that universe is left to explore.

If the production company decides to move forward with NOS4A2 Season 3, we can expect some news about that in the next few months. There can be some delay because the state whole industry is in. They might want to wait for things to become a bit safe again. 

NOS4A2 Season 3: What Is Coming Up?

The latest season of the show, that is, the second season left all the viewers with a number of questions. These are the same lose threads that would make NOS4A2 Season 3. We might get to see Vic McQueen coming back to repair the damage Charlie Manx has done to all the children at Christmasland, including her son. We might even get to see a new character Millie Manx, Charlie’s daughter. It is possible that the third season would witness change is the focus and start taking the children of Christmasland at the forefront. 

In the second season, Millie and Wayne had started adopting each other’s point of view. Talking about that, the writer and executive professor of the show- Joe Hill says that they don’t have a reason to think that NOS4A2 season 3 would happen, but there are always some possibilities. If the third season happens, they will deal with the question of would Wayne pulls Millie towards humanity, or will Millie pull him on the monstrous side?

Hill believes that if they would expand the stories, things might become more interesting. Maggie is indeed interested in contact with other creatives, and that could put her in some trouble. There are indeed some good people out there, but there are many bad people too. What if Maggie comes across a bad person? She might need Vic’s help? 

When Could The Show Release?

As for the release date, when we analyze the show’s release pattern, it looks like the creators are planning to stick to the one season every year pattern. So, we would have assumed that NSO4A2 season 3 will release in the summer of 2021, but things might get delayed given the ongoing coronavirus situations. We can place our hopes on a late 2021 release or maybe an early 2022 release. We will keep updating this space with all the new information about the show as we get that. So, you stay tuned. 

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