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The Flash Season 7: Release Date Out! More Struggle For Barry Allen & Team Ahead

The Flash Season 7 is going to challenge Barry Allen and his team in many different ways. In the previous season, Barry discovered that his wife had been replaced with her mirror replica. However, he gets too late while figuring out doppelganger Iris West Allen’s true identity. And now the team standing at the brink after letting Eva McCullough run in the end. It seems they have allowed the Mirror Master to trespass their life and the city. Things don’t appear in favor of Iris, who has been trapped in Eva’s mirror dimension. So we can expect that in the next season, The Flash, Iris, and his team’s fate in danger.

The Flash, created by Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Kreisberg, is a superhero drama on The CW. It follows Barry Allen, a crime-scene investigator who unintentionally gained superpowers during the laboratory explosion. After which he started protecting the city from any threat or metahumans. As the series proceeds, his team becomes stronger. However, in the sixth season, Barry and Iris discover that Barry must die to save billions of people’s life. Meanwhile, Ramsey Rosso found a way to cure people via dark matter. But, for this, he has to turn into a metahuman.

The Flash Season 7: When To Expect?

Recently, Twitter blow-up after The Flash Season 7 premiere date was released. Despite the delay in airing the next season, fans are excited to learn that their favorite superhero show is scheduled to air soon. The latest video hints that another fatal threat is approaching the city, and The Flash team has to get ready to battle to save the world. Moreover, the risk is expected to come soon in 2021. As the official page stated: “The future of Central City is in their hands. The Flash Season 7 coming 2021 to The CW!”

The Flash Season 7: New Look Explained!

Eva Succeeds In Her Mission

The new video of The Flash released, which has drawn everyone’s attention to the new threat. It begins with Eva McCullough, the Mirror Master bragging her achievement. She said: “I’ve achieved my goal,” while Barry struggled to take the powers back. It implies that Eva would be a big threat at the beginning of the season. As she managed to play her cards safely to destroy Barry and his team.

Barry Lost His Speed

After the Speed Force’s death, Barry’s superspeed gradually decreased. So, to revive his power, he needs to reunite his team and make an artificial Speed Force. Thus, Nash and Chester are working intensely to create a Speed Force. However, in the teaser, Eva warned Scarlet Speedster and Barry not to come in her way since they have lost their powers. Would Barry be able to revive his powers back in time?

Will Iris Escape From The Mirror Dimension?

In early August, the show’s official page hinted that “Heroes will be reborn,” which means Iris would return. But, the latest video where Iris is trying to battle with her another version and the voices in her head explain something else. Indeed! It would turn to be difficult for Iris to stay alive in the mirror world while fighting all the echoes. In the finale, Barry discovered the duplicate Iris’ truth. So, we could expect that he would shortly find some way to free her from the trap.

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