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Northern Rescue Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Show? Everything To Know

Northern Rescue Season 2


Northern Rescue Season 2: Northern Rescue is another Canadian gem Netflix took from the Canadian streamers back in March 2019. The show was released on both the platforms, CBC (the Canadian streamer) and Netflix, on March 1, 2019. What is next? The drama series follows a family who is mourning from the unexpected demise of a family member. The series features their struggles as they adapt to the new surroundings without the mother. The show stars Kathleen Roberston, Willaim Baldwin, Amalaisa Williamson, and Spenser MacPherson. Upon its release, the viewers received the show positively. But what’s next? Will Netflix or CBC make Northern Rescue Season 2? Here is all we know

Is The Show Renewed?

It has been some time since the first season of Northern Rescue. This show isn’t a Netflix original. It airs on CBC in Canada as well. Neither of the streaming platforms has said anything about Northern Rescue Season 2. Hopefully Season 2 of the show will receive renewal soon. The show has received very positive reviews from fans and critics. We will have to wait and watch if Netflix or CBC would renew it or not. Fans can be very hopeful. Even if CBC chooses to drop the show, it will be Netflix’s responsibility to take the show ahead. The lead character of the show- Billy Baldwin, said that the show is yet to be renewed in February 2020. However, we hadn’t heard anything regarding the renewal of the show.

What’s Coming Up Next?

The first season of the show left many loose ends. The series ended with the family falling apart and many questions we need answers to. The first season saw the family going through a lot. Things started getting even difficult by the end of the season. By the end of the show, it looks like Maddie will soon come to know that John isn’t her biological father. She leaves a note for her sister just before the credits roll. On the other hand, Charlie is shocked after a huge revelation about her boyfriend. She gets sick at the end of the first season. Could that mean she is pregnant? For Scout, his relationship was almost destroyed by the end. 

Northern Rescue Season 2

While there are not many details on what could come up on Northern Rescue Season 2, we are sure that the series will bring in a lot of twists and drama. The next season will deal with all the difficult situations the family is dealing with. It has been a year and a half since the first season came out. We don’t know how long will it be before we get all of those answers.  

Northern Rescue Season 2: Release Date

Since the show hasn’t been renewed yet, it is quite difficult to predict when Northern Rescue Season 2 would happen. Let us just hope things get back on track soon. Fans have loved the show and cannot stop embracing it. Perhaps Netflix will listen to these pleas and renew the show. Though in the given situation, that seems a bit difficult. We will pass on all the updates about the show as we get it. The first season of Northern Rescue is now available on Netflix for you to watch if you haven’t already. 

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