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Mad Men Season 8: Will The Show Ever Return? All The Latest Details!

Its been more than five years since the fans last saw Mad Men on AMC. Even now, they are waiting to see Mad Men Season 8. Somethings are worth waiting for, and the forthcoming season of this series is one of those things. The fans have waited all these years to hear officially from the creators. However, the creators have been pretty tight-lipped regarding the fate of the series. 

Mad Men is an American period drama TV series. Matthew Weiner created this show for AMC. The storyline of the series is set in the 1960s. It made its debut on July 19, 2007. The network has released seven seasons of this show so far. All of them are well received by the critics and received a great response from the viewers. The last and the seventh season of the series release in 2015, and since then, the fans are waiting for the next one. 


Mad Men Season 8: Renewal Status!

AMC neither canceled nor renewed the series for its eighth season. It’s pretty strange for any critically acclaimed series and for a network like AMC as well. Its been more than five years, and it is more than enough time to make a decision on the future of one of its shows. The series already won a total of 16 Emmy and 5 Golden Globe Awards. Back in 2015, when AMC aired the seventh season’s finale, the viewers were confident that they would see Mad Men Season 8 very soon. The show was one of the best series of its time and was ended with a cliffhanger. However, the future of the show is still uncertain. But the fans are still in the hope that it will return sooner or later.


What To Expect From The Eighth Season?

All the previous seasons of the series focused entirely on Don Draper. Hence the upcoming season will also focus on him and will resolve the cliffhanger ending of the previous season’s finale where something was bothering him. To make his life peaceful, he decided to leave for California. According to him, he was suffering because his lies created a lot of troubles in a lot of people’s lives. In the previous season’s finale, Don Draper was meditating, and the smile on his face was indicating that he finally found peace. 

However, the series ended with an iconic advert of Coca-Cola. Many viewers interpreted that Don Draper was behind this advert, and he found the way to restart his business again. Is he really behind this advert, or he really found his inner peace? If Mad Men Season 8 ever comes out, it will certainly provide answers to all of the viewer’s questions. And it will also resolve all the previous storylines.


Mad Men Season 8: Release Date

There is no indication from AMC that the series will return anytime soon. Therefore the fans might have to wait for a long time to see another season. If the creators renew the show in this very year, the Mad Men Season 8 might premiere sometime in 2022. 

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