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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64: Conclusion Of The Battle Of Son Goku & Moro, All Details To Know

The Dragon Ball Super manga has finally reached its climax. And the viewers will most probably see the conclusion of the battle of Moro and Goku in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64. In the previous chapter, we saw that Angel Merus broke the angelic laws by taking Earth’s side. And now he will face the consequences of it, which will trigger rage in Goku. The upcoming chapter might be one of the last chapters of the second season of DBS manga. Since the evil wizard, Moro already defeated each and every member of the galactic warriors. Therefore the upcoming chapter will be one hell of an interesting as it will feature a rematch between Goku and Moro.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64: What Will Happen?

The following paragraph contains spoilers for the upcoming chapters of DBS manga. So if you don’t want to get spoiled before reading Chapter 64, we suggest you skip it. 

The title of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 is “Galactic Patrolman Son Goku.” Merus provide instructions to Dende to revive Goku. He also stepped up and prevented Moro from killing all the Z fighters. As a result, Moro lost his life for breaking the angelic laws. This incident triggers an emotional rage inside Goku, which will unlock his true ultra instinct form. There was a time when Vegeta almost defeated the planet eater Moro, but then used 73’s power and turned the situation upside down.

Merus already destroyed most of the orbs of Moro, and hence he can not use his ability to copy anymore. According to the spoilers, Goku will take on Moro with a new determination. He revealed that Merus joined the Galactic Patrol to protect the universe from the evil guys like Moro. When Moro asks Goku about Merus, he will tell him that the angel has disappeared, and now he will beat Moro. Goku tells Moro this time he will battle like a Galactic Patrolman. Goku will fire up, unlock his true ultra instinct form, and then launch an attack on the evil wizard.

When Will It Release?

The upcoming chapter will most probably conclude the battle against the most powerful enemy Saiyans ever faced. The re-fight of Son Goku and Moro will grow intense as he will go all out against his strongest enemy. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 will release on Friday, September 18, 2020. 

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