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Apple Watch: Introduces Family Setup! Use Even Without Having The iPhone

Are you unable to buy accessories for Apple because you certainly don’t have an iPhone? This major issue is now solved. Apple just launched it’s ‘Family setup.’ For instance, it will let your Apple Watch work even without having the iPhone. Get your fantasy of having the Apple Watch fulfilled. The customers are going to enjoy even more facilities in this version.

Apple extended it’s service to even the non-user of the iPhone. Till now, users of the brand’s watch weren’t able to pair it with that of any other. The accessory before used to connect to the iPhone and worked via Bluetooth for a shorter range. However, now only one parent or administrator is required. For instance, after setting it up, it doesn’t require any further connection with the iPhone user. This may be a great help for other phone users in the family. If this experiment of the brand goes well, then Apple will also apply further changes in the same service.

Better Connections

The Apple Watch will now provide you a better connection to your family and surroundings as well. The Family Setup helps parents to make allowance to the contacts of the kids on the watch. However, the new service allows one to enjoy calling, messaging, and Face Time audio calls as well. It now helps to connect with other Apple Watch users over the walkie talkie. This service enables the parents and the child to connect in a better way. The guardian has the control, but the users will get their equal independence. There can be an easy transfer of money between the users through the Apple Cash Family. Moreover, parents can easily view their children’s purchases by switching on the notification.

The data are uniquely shared between the parent and the users. Apple does care about privacy. Therefore, your personal stuff is secured in the device.

Customize Your Watch

The new memoji setting allows you to customize the emoji of yourself. For instance, it displays it on the screen and can be shared easily. However, we also see the availability of customization in the Find People service. Guardians can now easily track the whereabouts of their children through this app. Moreover, the customization helps you set the notification either for one occasion or for a specific time-based schedule.

All Set For Tech-Savy Parents

This new-tech is most favorable towards tech-savvy parents. The guardians can easily keep an eye on their children. However, one can handle the communication settings of the users as well. The best feature is ‘Schooltime.’ For instance, one will know when the user reaches to school and when he/she leaves. The tracking system of Apple serves the best to the customers.

Get Accustomed!

Get in use of the standalone Apple watches. It will probably bring some more elements in it in the future as per the user’s experience. The brand is hooking the non-iPhone users as well. It will probably help the owners to expand their business. Apple will further continue to bring other standalone hardware and services to the users. Moreover, the Apple watch supports 14-hour daily usage with the particular ‘Family Setup’ in it.

The revolutionary touch in the accessory will probably be a big-go for the customers. Linking and security is the main objective. Have a better use of it. Be updated with technology with us.

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