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Moana 2: Renewed? New Storyline, Everything You Need To Know


It’s been too long since the premiere of Moana. Fans have started craving to see more of the fresh fun in the upcoming future. However, there isn’t any confirmation announced about Moana 2. But, it seems that the makers will not have to think twice about the future installment. The animated series has made its place among the viewers well. The movie has a significant fanbase and is still one of the famous animated movies. Therefore, the coming up of the sequel is pretty much sure. Let us further discover what new things will arrive in the future.

Moana is an American animated musical adventure movie. It has been produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Moreover, Moana is the 56th Disney animated feature film. We see the Polynesian island of Motunui in the movie. The people living on the island worship the goddess called ‘Te Fiti.’ The same is worshipped for bringing life to the ocean using pounamu, her heart. However, everyone tries to bring back the heart of the goddess, and the story develops in the same way. Many years later, Moana, the daughter of Motunui’s chief Tui, tries to give back the heart of Te Fiti. Later we saw the ocean shrinking and losing the life of the fishes. Moana further tries to find out the real reason behind it.

Moana 2

It comes out that Te Ka’s darkness is poisoning the ocean as well as the island. This can only be cured by finding Maui and returning the heart to Te Fiti. Suddenly, Tala fell ill. She dies by saying Moana that she is going to find Maui. Later Moana finds Maui. Although he has some problems of his own because of which the heart wasn’t returned. They together started tackling everything and grow close to each other.

Moreover, Maui teaches Moana about how to regain control of her own powers. Furthermore, everything falls at their place. Te Fiti goes to sleep and becomes a mountain. And, Moana returns to her parents and continues to carry her life as chief and Wayfinder. We have to discover further what the status of Moana 2 is.

Moana 2: Renewed?

Walt Disney is still silent about the sequel of Moana. The tremendous musical scores have placed the movie on top of the platform. Fans have loved the movie. Moreover, the critic’s comments and binge-watchers also seem to fall on the positive side. Everything is giving a positive sign for the film. But, it still stands in the confusing stand. We can not speak anything about the upcoming future.

Moana has won various awards for its outstanding performance. It has probably received 20 prestigious awards with more than 80 nominations. For instance, Oscar adds up in the same. Therefore, makers would probably love to make more of the same to achieve more awards.

There may be a bit of delay in the upcoming of Moana 2. This might happen because of the ongoing pandemic. However, the corona situation has led to put pause on every show and movie. There have been talks on the web that the makers are thinking of making the sequel. For instance, they are only waiting for the situation to get normal and get the platform’s green light.

Moana 2: What Will Happen?

The comeback of the sequel will probably be more effective than the previous one. However, the viewers will watch Moana 2 with higher expectations. The storyline will undoubtedly be much more exciting and overwhelming to win the fans’ hearts once again.

It is also speculated that the box office of the future installment will be greater than the first movie. The fans have already watched the previous film and are impressed with the plot. They will be coming with the same expectations; therefore, more viewers will have more expectations. The first movie made a total of USD 690.8 million. Let us wait further to see what height will Moana 2 reach.

The upcoming story will probably have the same scenario but with a different plotline. We can see the coming of some other difficulties involved in it. The leads will either be opening the same story in a more profound way. It is expected to start from the finishing point where Moana returns to her homeland. Some changes might appear back there. We will surely have an unexpected and thrilling scenario ahead.

Upcoming Casts

Moana is all about Moana. Therefore, we will undoubtedly see Auli’I Cravalho playing the role. Other than her, we will also see the old faces with old voices back again. There will be Dwayne Johnson as Maui, Rachel House as Tala, Temuera Morrison as Tui, Jemaine Clement as Tamatoa, and Alan Tudyk as Heihei. There may be chances of seeing some new characters coming up. But, that can only be known once the movie starts its production or by the makers’ announcement.

Moreover, Auli’I have debuted with Moana. We are hopeful to see her back again if the movie is renewed. However, her performance has opened various paths as everyone was surprised by it. We hope to see her doing many wonders ahead. The flexibility of her voice can easily set into any character. Moreover, the film has got much hype because of The Rock, Mr. Dwayne Johnson as well. Even though he isn’t the main but still has the same craze as that of Moana.

Moana 2: Release Date

For now, we don’t have any release date for the movie as it hasn’t been renewed by Disney. We speculate it to arrive on the big screen by the fall of 2021 or 2022. We still are thinking Moana to start her journey from her home itself. There may have been specific changes way back. Moreover, there may be more delays because of the current situation. Further with the development of the movie will bring much information. If you haven’t yet watched the original movie, hurry up because it’s worth the time.

Fans will have to wait to know the coming future of Moana 2 further. Let us wait till then. Be connected for more information in this space.

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