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October Kingsley: Dark And Bold! Know Everything About Her

The stars in the entertainment industry crave to be famous. For instance, that is the only way for them to excel and gain more success. However, the case isn’t the same for October Kingsley. She has mostly been a mysterious character. She must have chosen to remain more close to her own circle rather than that of her fans’. Moreover, October is the powerful character of the screen. Let us know about her history and present life.

October Kingsley: Actress, Producer Or Director?

Who really is October Kingsley? There is much less that we know about her. She is all at once, an actress, a producer, and even a director. Also, she is considered one of Hollywood’s top emerging producers and an actress. Although she hasn’t yet achieved her best of the bests. There is still a lot of time for this young talent in this world of entertainment.

October Kingsley

Growing Career

We have seen her growing through her making and casting in movies. Even though we don’t know much about October’s real-life, there is enough to know about her reel life. She did graduation in Philosophy and Psychology from UCLA. After that, she went on to build her career in a particular field. Her characters have mostly been of a mad and depressed woman. She got the big break by directing and acting in the ‘Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi.’ The movie portrayed the character of Kingsley as a physcho, twisted and strange lady. However, we saw her playing the role almost perfectly. The critics and the viewers also praised the movie.

Not only did she direct, produce, and act, but Kingsley also tried her luck in directing a music video. She is successfully growing in the field of commercial and music video editor. Her picturization and directing skills are just out of the box. However, she is still learning and growing.

October is also currently working on various feature films and upcoming shows.

October Kingsley: Favours Staying Out Of The Light

The actress is a very personal person. She hardly reveals anything about her, even online. We have seen her very few posts, and most of them have been depicting the dark side. The blooming personality wants the cameras and fans around them. For instance, October is ahead of all these superficial stuff. She might have her personal reasons to remain away from the light. We hope to see her doing wonders in her work.

Speaking Through The Words

October loves to present herself and the world through her words. Even though she has been staying unplugged from the world, she manages to speak out her thoughts. She must have faced some hard times in her love life, as her words represents. October quotes, “Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.” Another one goes, “I’ve got a one-way ticket to hell, and I’m gonna raise hell just getting there.” 

She has a dark persona. For instance, it would be an interesting one if brought up in front of the fans. We wish October to rise and keep representing herself on the screen with her words. We will be looking towards to know her even deeper. Stay updated with us for more such information.

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