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Truth About Judge Judy’s Death, Is She Dead? Everything To Know About The End Of The Show

The year 2020 has not been up to the mark for most of us. However, the most significant loss happened for the fans of Judge Judy. The best announcer Jerry Bishop died from heart disease this year. He has been the most adored and famous voice of the show. Did Judge Judy Died? Even though his physical existence is no longer here, but he is still alive in his fan’s heart.

Jerry Bishop has been the long-term disc jockey. He was the off-camera voice of Judge Judy. However, the higher he rises in the career, the more down he came in his personality.

More About “Judge Judy Death”

Bishop always had this powerful and impressive voice. However, he entered the field of journalism and got a degree from Emerson College in around the 1950s. He was clear to go in the field of radio and started his first experience in Hartford, Connecticut, at WDRC. He later developed his professional life and went to KFI, KIIS, and KLAC. Further on, he slowly established his fan-following around the listeners. Bishop got the big break in the 1980s interview with stars like Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, and Natalie Wood.

Growing Career

Jerry Bishop’s voice was so pleasing that famous companies started inviting him to the ads. He did voice-overs for prominent companies like Miller Coors, Burger King, and Budweiser. Notable channels like NBC, Disney, and ABC also invited him for voice promos. He was doing all fine in his professional career. But, t hese heights never gave him pride. For instance, that’s because he always stayed on the top. Did Judge Judy Died? I think he never died in the hearts of the fans.

He married the love of his life, Velma Leventhal, in 1956. However, she died back in 2007. Bishop also had three beautiful daughters with Velma. The children are Karen, Michelle, and Stephanie.


Bishop left doing work weeks before his health complications started. He died after the long illness. Bishop was suffering from heart complications as well as kidney failure. Moreover, his death report was confirmed by his granddaughter, Allen Rosenbloom. We are still embracing all his work. Even though he has died, but his carved personality will live forever in the Radio industry.

Did Judge Judy Died?

Did Judge Judy Died?

Yes, Judge Judy died along with Jerry Bishop. Host Judy Sheindlin made her announcement that the show will probably be ending with serving the justice to the personality. The EW reports that Judy Judge will probably end after its 25th airing in 2021. However, the show will still rerun after its ending. Therefore, it’s confirmed that the show can’t probably run after losing the prominent personality.

Judge Judy will forever stay in the hearts of the listeners. If you haven’t yet seen the top-rated Judge Judy, then you better hurry. For instance, the soothing and charming voice of Jerry Bishop will keep you intact throughout. The 25th season of the show will undoubtedly be bringing conclusive elements in it. Be in the virtual touch for more of such updates.

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