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ReLIFE Season 2: Canceled? Everything The Fans Should Know!

Two years back, the fans last saw ReLIFE, and that too with an OVA episode. And now they are eagerly waiting to see ReLIFE Season 2. The viewers really liked the unique plot and characters of this story and wanted to see more of it. However, the second season never arrived. But they haven’t given up on the show and are still waiting for its return. So will it ever return? Keep reading to know.

ReLIFE is a Japanese sci-fi anime series. It is an adaptation of the manga series of the same title by Yayoiso. TMS Entertainment announced anime series way back in 2013, which made its debut on July 2, 2016. It ran for thirteen episodes, with the last episode being released on September 24, 2016. And ever since then, everyone is waiting for the return of the anime. However, the makers released some OVA episodes after the end of the debut season. 

ReLIFE Season 2

ReLIFE Season 2: Renewal Status!

TMS Entertainment produced the debut season and OVA episodes of this anime. They released its last OVA episode way back in 2018. And after that, they haven’t revealed any information regarding the future of the series. The makers are pretty tight-lipped and are not telling whether there is the following season or not. The future of ReLIFE Season 2 is still up in the air. Otakus all over the world are still waiting for the creators to give a green signal to the second season of the anime series.

Will The Anime Ever Return?

The debut season of the anime series undoubtedly won the hearts of its viewers. The demand for the second season of this anime was at its peak during 2016-17. However, after that, its popularity and demand gradually decreased. The last chapter of the manga series was published on May 11, 2019. Therefore it is unlikely that the series will return for another run.

Additionally, the last OVA episode of the anime advanced the original story of the anime. It didn’t end with any cliffhanger and provided a proper conclusion to the story. So, the makers have to create a new arc in order to renew ReLIFE Season 2. So the conclusion is that the odds are not in favor of the second season. And the fans will not see the second installment of the anime until and unless the makers change their minds. 

OVA Ended The Story!

As we mentioned above, the fourth OVA episode provided a conclusion to the story of the anime series. In that episode, the fans saw Chizuru and Arata bump into each other outside the eatery. Chizuru explains Arata that she too was a ReLife subject, and Arata questions Chizuru about her ReLife knowledge. She answers that it was like a firework. This triggers the memory of two of them being together at the fireworks festival. Then with their mindfulness restored, Chizuru walks into Arata’s waiting arms.

ReLIFE Season 2: Release Date

The makers have to create a new story from scratch to revive the anime series. Therefore it is likely that there won’t be any second season. But if they renew the show due to its immense popularity and fan following, then the fans can expect to see ReLIFE Season 2 in 2022 or later.

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