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iZombie Season 6: Happening? Everything That Could Come Up!

The latest and the fifth season of iZombie had a nice ending. However, that does not mean that fans were not looking forward to Liv Moore and the whole team to get back on their screens. The fifth season released in May 2019, and ended in August the same year. Ever since then, fans have been looking forward to iZombie season 6.

The CW show is based on the comic series by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred with the same name. The show began with a very interesting story featuring a zombie coroner who uses her powers to solve number of crimes and builds a fascinating world of zombie-human relationships. With the five seasons that are already out, the story has expanded. What could be happening to iZombie Season 6? Keep reading to know all about it-

Is iZombie Season 6 Happening?

While many fans were hoping that we would get iZombie Season 6, the truth is the sixth season will never happen. Back in 2018, the creators of iZombie announced the renewal of fifth season. Along with that announcement they also announced that the fifth season will be the last of the show. The showrunner Rob Thomas in the announcement said that it is lovely to bow an end to the show. They will answer all the long-term questions and arcs.

While fans wanted more of the show, as a silver lining in the gray cloud, this timely announcement gave the creators a chance to wrap up the show neatly. With that said, the show from its beginning has been a crime solving show and then it evolved into a story that was about a massive outbreak, warring factions who were trying to fight for survival and many more things. If the show would have continued, it is possible that the show might have become an undead shark. So this way, with ending with the fifth season, it looks like the show ended just in the right moment.

What Happened In The End?

By the end of the fifth season, the Seattle comes head to head. Finally, Liv & co. find a way to cure the zombie virus. They prove that it is possible. The episode ends with a time jump where fans get to see Ravi, the head of the CDC, Peyton who have now become the DA, and Clive, who is the co-captain of the SFPD and Dale. They are on a talk show where they can be seen discussing the final days of the whole outbreak. They make it clear that they have dealt with the virus and everyone thinks that Liv died in the final battle. Although, things don’t end there. There is a twist in the end. Liv isn’t dead. She and the major have come with the original dram of zombie land somewhere all the ones who did not want to be cured could live happily.

Everything That Could Be Explored In Season 6

If a sixth season does happen, it will be a great way to explore the post-zombie lives. Not just that, the show might even explore main characters and how the zombie land was. It would also be interesting to watch how Liv and Major managed to take everyone who wanted to leave go there. Along with that, there were a number of storylines that we wished that the show might address. The show might address the ten year gap in detail? What happened to Filmore Graves? The massive corporation? Did Blaine get out of the well and caused more trouble?  

While the show has been cancelled for now, you never know. It is completely possible that some other creator would pick the show and make more of it. iZombie was one of the most popular cult hit. It was nominated for a number of Teen Choice awards and was able to bag great reviews from the critics. So, anything is possible. Looking at other possible opportunities, the creators might even plan a spin-off series that explores the post-zombie lives perhaps? We will keep you updated with all the news as we get it. So, you keep an eye on this space.

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