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NCIS New Orleans Season 7 Episode 3: “One of Our Own,” Casts Discussing Plot, Release Date & More


NCIS New Orleans is struggling to cope up with the ongoing Pandemic. Things have started taking twisting turns. Indeed, NCIS New Orleans Season 7 Episode 3 will also address some new elements in it. Police reforms and corruption are going to play a significant role. We have a whole package of updates for you; all you need to do is scroll to know.

NCIS New Orleans Season 7 Episode 3: Upcoming Scenario

NCIS New Orleans Season 7 Episode 3 is titled “One of Our Own.” COVID 19 situation will continue to be addressed in the story.

We saw Scott Bakula and Chelsea Field spilling details of the upcoming story in an interview with TV Guide. Bakula says that the impending story is going to bring police reform and historical challenges. The plot is going to have emotions and passion in it. NOLA had a deep desire to be in the good books. But, there is a lot of inner tangled stuff of corruption. Indeed, it’s going to be powerful than the previous ones. Will any corruption or dirty scenario come up openly? Even if it comes up, then will it be solved? We have to wait a bit to know the answer.

NCIS New Orleans Season 7 Episode 3

Will There Be Ringing Of Bells?

The coming episode will undoubtedly get affected by the previous story. However, we have seen the abrupt ending of the last season because of the Pandemic. Scott’s daughter’s wedding was postponed earlier. We can, therefore, see it happening in the future story. Let us further wait to see what newness comes up in the show.

Fans are going to see Scott Bakula return as Dwayne Cassius Pride, Vanessa Ferlito as Tammy Gregorio, Necar Zadegan as Hannah Khoury, Charles Michael as Quentin Carter, and Rob Kerkovich as Sebastian. Moreover, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Patton Plame, C. C. H. Pounder as Loretta Wade, and Chelsea Field as Rita Devereaux will return as well.


The second episode of NCIS New Orleans Season 7 was titled “Something in the Air, Part II.” Pride has been suffering from the effect of the ongoing Pandemic. The bar has shut down, and there isn’t any money to pay the workers. Things have started being chaotic because of the corona situation. There are many deaths and survival issues, which characters are dealing with in an excellent way.

Wade, on the other side, helps a woman to find her brother’s body. Patton and his goddaughter fall into a heated argument. It was because of her future after passing out from high school. The plot brings up more human and almost close to the real ongoing scenario of the world. Indeed, the scenes are spine-chilling to watch.

NCIS New Orleans Season 7 Episode 3: Release Date

NCIS New Orleans Season 7 Episode 3 will be out on Sunday, November 22, 2020. Stay tuned with CBS at 9 PM on the particular day. However, the remaining episodes will continue to follow the same release slot. For further more updates in this space, stay connected with us.

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