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Blackish Season 7 Episode 9: Release At New Year! Know The Upcoming Plot And Release Date

Fans will have to wait longer than usual for the release of Blackish Season 7 Episode 9. The last released episode was the winter finale of the season. Indeed the upcoming one is going to have a different schedule and different thrills. So, better be ready to experience the new things in the new year. Blackish will thoroughly bring current issues. Let us take a deeper glance at the impending fate of sitcom drama.

Blackish Season 7 Episode 9: What’s Coming?

Wednesday nights are not going to be the same anymore. Dre and Rainbow’s life will not be coming up anytime soon on the screen. It doesn’t mean that the season has ended. It still has a long way to go ahead.

The makers and the platform haven’t yet revealed the title or the official synopsis of Blackish Season 7 Episode 9. And we speculate that the revelations will not be coming up anytime soon. All we know about the ninth episode is its release date.

Blackish Season 7 Episode 9: Reason Behind The Delay

Blackish has its two spinoff series, Mixed-ish, and Grown-ish. Both of them are set to release in the winter slot. Indeed Wednesday night will be occupied by the sister shows. Therefore, the viewers couldn’t focus on all three of them at the same time. To provide a proper gap and understanding of the plot, makers and the platform has provided the specified gap. Let us further wait for ABC to list the winter titles.

What We Have Watched Till Now?

The previously released episode of Blackish Season 7 was titled “Compton Around the Christmas Tree.” The official synopsis reads, “Dre realizes he’s out of touch with his roots after Junior claims he’s turned into a ‘valley dad.’ He takes his family to his hometown of Compton. Bow tries to teach Jack and Diane about the spirit of giving by having them volunteer in Compton.”

Dre had a different life back in Compton, but everything has changed now. He has slowly evolved to become the valley dad. However, the change is noticed by Junior. In order to explain his situation to his family, he takes them all back to Compton.

Dre is now taking a look at the life that he has left behind. It’s going to be hard for him to go through the situation and not for his family because they cannot walk in the same shoes. Let us further wait for the upcoming situation of the characters.

Blackish Season 7 Episode 9: Release Date

Blackish Season 7 Episode 9 will be airing on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. It will be there on ABC at 9 PM. Moreover, one can also watch on YouTube TV, Direct TV, and Fubo TV. Seasons and episodes are also available to rent on Amazon Prime Videos and Hulu. Keep watching and staying updated with us in this space.

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