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Perfume Season 2: Are We Getting More Of The Show? All Details For The Fans

Perfume Season 2


Perfume Season 2: The first season of the twisted murder mystery- Perfume released in the second half of 2018. The show has been able to grip everyone’s attention. Ever since that release, everyone had been wondering if we would get Perfume Season 2?

Based on Patrick Süskind’s novel with the same name, the show is an intense horror-thriller. It also draws inspiration from a German film- Perfume: The Story of Murder, which was released in 2006. Along with the intriguing storyline and brilliant performances, the show has received appreciation globally. What’s next? Will there be a Perfume Season 2? Here is everything to know

Is The Show Renewed?

The first season of the show was released in December 2018. After the release, Perfume received mixed reviews. It has almost been two years, and we do not have any official news about the renewal of the show yet. Given the uniqueness of the show, everyone had hoped that Netflix would bring Perfume season 2.

However, the streaming giant has not yet announced anything officially. With that said, the Wikipedia page for Perfume reports that the show has been green-lit for a second season. This news does start a spark of hope in us. We would suggest all the fans of the show to wait for an official confirmation. 

Perfume Season 2

What Is The Show About?

The series focuses on two investigators Nadja Simon and Matthias Köhler, along with the prosecutor Joachim Grünberg. The three of them are trying to solve a murder case. This murder case has two victims with mutilated bodies. The characters are all connected to each other in one way.

All of them had been fascinated by the idea of olfactory behavioral manipulation. This is what the main plot of the show is. Five friends go to the same boarding school, where they form a secret club that is obsessed with scents. The victims of murders are a part of this club, and after being murdered, they are found without hair and missing olfactory glands. 

In the first season, viewers come to know that each member of this club had a different perspective of their motives. In the course of the season, Nadja investigates the curious murders. At the same time, she is also handling her relationship with an already married man who is none other than the prosecutor. Later on, in the show, she comes to know about her pregnancy and how the prosecutor does not want anything to do with the child and hence wants Nadia to get an abortion. 

After a number of twists and turns, the team then finds out the killer, and everything falls into place eventually. The first seasons shows viewers how the perfumes are a mix of unusual scents that have the ability to calm people and how it can affect various people. The killer wants to make a magical potion, and for that, he needs three different women who bring three different things for the Perfume. These three things are love, lust, and obsession.  

Perfume Season 2: What Can Happen Next?

The finale ends with Moritz de Vries placing a small perfume bottle in a box that has a number of empty spaces. Now, Perfume season 2 could explore if Vries chooses to fill those empty spaces or someone else would take the matter into their hands.

As for Nadia, Perfume Season 2 might also witness her personal journey as she fights the dilemma and chooses a way of living. If Perfume season 2 does happen, it will be interesting to see what it brings to the table? Will there be more killings? Maybe. We will have to wait and watch. 

Perfume Season 2: Release Date

Predicting when Perfume Season 2 would release is indeed one of the most difficult tasks at the moment. The creators of the show have not yet officially announced the renewal, and there have been absolutely no hints on if the show is under production or not. So, we would suggest all the fans of the show to be patient with the release date.

Even if the creators were to start production, the show is has a lavish setting, and getting it done at this time seems quite difficult. So, we can place our best bets for Perfume season 2 to release sometime in 2021. We will keep you updated with all the news about the show as we get it. So, you stay tuned. The first season of the series is available on Netflix for you to watch if you haven’t already. 

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