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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 2: Letting All Hopes High In The Name Of The Father, Release Date, And More


Only a few days left to see Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 2: In The Name Of The Father, which will firmly focus on racial discrimination and how things affected after the summer event. Well, Kevin Wade has a clear understanding of how their next chapter would look like. Instead of igniting hatred or bringing new propaganda, the second chapter will delve into the beautiful relationship that many have avoided in their racial feud.

Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 2: Is There Any Promo Released

As of now, there’s no promo released to date. Further, CBS has yet to release the official synopsis of the second episode. So, it’s unclear how things would proceed in the next chapter. But, the executive producer Kevin Wade in his recent interview, hinted that what fans could expect from the upcoming chapter. Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 2 titled “In The Name Of The Father,” could continue depicting racism.

Would Delve Into Hot-Button Issues

As you can see, the title itself holds a bold religious context. Wade continued that no matter what happens, they would continue portraying the entire world’s issues till now. He added whether the problem is regarding Black or White, perhaps with Catholic feud with Puerto Rican or Hispanic with someone else. They would likely show such scenes in their upcoming chapters.

As they have created a platform for equal dimensions. So there’s no choice for arguments related to religious or racial discrimination. Wade continued by clearing the air that they don’t want to run any propaganda here. But, they only wish to show the fans what’s currently going on in the world with Blue Bloods style.

What Will Happen In The Next Chapter?

A Black District Attorney Will Handle The City

Recently, Wade opened up that more characters will join the next chapter. He said that the second chapter would address a new district attorney- a black female who recently moved to the city and been appointed by a white governor to take care of Manhattan city. Well, it seems so fictional, and such a type of plot can only happen in the fictional world.

Black-White Relationship

Wade hinted that there’s a chance that Eric B, the old friend, and mentor of Daniel “Danny” Fitzgerald Reagan, would return. Well, this the right opportunity to put the two characters together in an office. So, they can portray the beautiful relationship between black-white people. Further, it would make everything relatively easy as the two guys have already spent 30 years working together on the street. So, they could handle this time also.

Joe Hill Story Arc Would Explore

We have seen a good relationship between Danny and Joe Hill. However, after the revelation of Joe Hill’s history, it’s unclear how both tackle and handle their relationship. But, Wade assured that they don’t want to spoil their relation. However, Joe’s origin would soon reveal at some point in time. As per Wade, that fan has to wait as he doesn’t want to cover his story in the first three episodes. However, fans could be able to see some glimpse of Joe Hill.

A Quick Recap

Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 1: Triumph Over Trauma had witnessed police brutality, Danny and Maria Baez in big trouble addition with the fourth new family dinner. The story began with a post-pandemic that portrayed the Reagan family trying to sort the current cases. Frank proposed his issues and solutions in front of City Council Speaker Regina Thomas (Whoopi Goldberg). However, their conversation ends with a bitter note, which results in Frank apologizing.

Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 2: When To Expect?

As you know, Blue Bloods Season 11 will air every Friday on CBS. So, as per the official confirmation Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 2: In The Name Of The Father will air on December 11, 2020. Well, the series team looks enthusiastic about returning in such a pandemic time. At least, we can hope this month we’ll get to see three episodes of Blue Bloods Season 11 without any delay.

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