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The Flash Season 7: Barry Allen Fights Back For Survival! Production Paused, Plot, Release Date, And More

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The creative team of The Flash Season 7 has already revealed the titles of the first five episodes, which hint at a major battle following the Mirror Master arc’s consequences. But, not everything would end well as the biggest danger is awaiting The Flash team in The Flash Season 7. There’s a high possibility that some fan-favorite scariest and inevitable villains would return to break down the team and also destroy the entire city in a single attack.

The Flash, created by Carmine Infantino and Robert Kanigher debuted in 1956’s Showcase #4. However, Grant Gustin brought back the speedster superhero on the television screen after his appearance on Arrow. Soon after that, the creative team decided to take a step forward and bring The Flash as a solo series. Now, it’s been the longest-running DC show on the network to date.

The Flash Season 7: Production Paused After Positive COVID Test Found

Unfortunately, The Flash Season 7 couldn’t speed up the way we have expected. As in late November, the production halted due to a positive COVID test found on the set. After returning to the set, the team members were quite enthusiastic about wrapping up filming as soon as possible.

However, recently news came that the filming for The Flash Season 7 is temporarily on hold. But, there are rumors that the team would return soon to film their scenes expect the one who tested positive. Still, it’s unclear when the filming would resume.

How Things Would Change After Last Season’s Biggest Revelation?

The production for The Flash Season 6 halted in the middle of the Mirror Master arc story due to the ongoing pandemic. That resulted in shortening the season. However, the biggest cliffhanger remains unsolved, as fans were shocked when the Team Flash ended with bruises and was defeated by their villain.

Well, it’s not over yet as the second traumatic experience was the demise of the Speed Force. It means Barry’s no longer a speedster. On top of everything, Iris West-Allen is still trapped somewhere in the Mirror dimension, and Barry has to hurry up before other big threats appear.

Nash Wells Helps In Restoring Speed Force

The pilot episode titled “All’s Well That End Wells” would see Nash Wells, including the other replicas that live inside his mind, helping him restore the Speed Force. Well, we can’t say that he could fix it, but indeed he would help Team Flash in creating an artificial Speed Force, that would help Barry battling against the odds. That will be seen in The Flash Season 7 Episode 2 titled “The Speed Of Thought.” So, fans can expect Nash in the lead role in the upcoming season.

The End Of Mirror World

In the third episode titled “Mother,” fans would see the Mirror Master / Eva McCulloch winning over the Team Flash. However, everything won’t go the way she planned. After securing his powers, Barry and his team would return to beat Eva once and for all. It would be the end of Mirror Master and her created Mirror World.

However, in The Flash Season 7 Episode 4, titled “Central City Strong,” Barry’s entire city would face consequences of the destruction of Mirror World. Not only would the native of the city collapse from such massive destruction, but, it would also give rise to the scariest villains.

The Team Would Fight For Their Last Breath

The fifth episode, titled “Fear Me,” is ready to threaten the entire city along with the team. The main motive of the fifth chapter is to destroy Team Flash and Barry and Iris’s marriage. Well, it’s not clear what it means till now.

There’s a possibility that Iris would return after the devastation of Mirror World. Perhaps it would completely change her. So, maybe she could become unstable like Eva, and now she’s the biggest threat for all. But, we can expect that Barry would handle everything again.

The Flash Season 7: When Will It Air?

Well, fans have to wait for more as The CW has saved The Flash Season 7 for its New Year’s lineup. But, not that early that you suppose. The Flash Season 7 will air on February 23, 2021, only on The CW, at its usual time.

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