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The Orville Season 3: Facing More Production Delay After Holiday Break, Know Release Date & More

The fans are long-anticipated to learn more about The Orville Season 3. However, it seems that the wait for the sci-fi The Orville Season 3 has just extended. Well, the COVID-19 has hit the world in early 2020. But, its impact is still affecting the entertainment industry. Such as Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville Season 3, which again went on hold due to the Hollywood guild’s new protocol. Well, let’s see how long fans have to wait to watch their favorite sci-fi show back on their screen.

The Orville, created by Seth MacFarlane, is a science fiction show on Hulu. It follows Captain Ed Mercer struggle, who led the spacecraft: USS Orville (ECV-197) and his life. The spaceship is a mid-level exploratory unit in the Planetary Union. Ed began commanding the exploratory ship at the age of 40 after his marriage life crumbled. But, he eventually focused on his duty to handle everything. But, in the spacecraft, he has to face his former wife, Commander Kelly Grayson, every time.

The Orville Season 3: Delayed Due To The Pandemic

Recently, Season 3 of The Orville has begun filming in late 2020. But, it seems fans have to wait for more, as the filming for the third season has delayed due to the current pandemic. The news recently came out that several Disney-owned shows have been put on hold due to the surge of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles. Among them, The Orville Season 3 is one of the shows that facing delays in filming.

Filming Will Resume In Mid January

The filming for the third season was supposed to resume on January 11, 2021, after the holidays break. But, the break seemed quite long as Disney has delayed production for the next season. However, fans don’t have to worry as this delay won’t last long. The network recently announced that The Orville Season 3 would return to the set on January 18, 2021.

The show has already suffered from plenty of delays after the COVID-19 hit the world. Soon after the first production shutdown, Season 3 has witnessed a delay in production. But, in early December, it becomes on track to film the third season. Well, it’s believed that The Orville will take almost five to six months to wrap up its filming. But, now, The Orville Season 3 is facing more delay to wrap up on time.

Is It The Final Season?

Well, after the show departs from Fox, The Orville Season 3 landed on Hulu. However, soon after that, the rumors surfaced that Season 3 is the show’s final season. But, shortly, one of the team members confirmed that The Orville will continue. They are also looking for The Orville Season 4. But, keeping such delays in mind, we can expect that things wouldn’t be in favor of The Orville, as it can lead to the cancelation of a successful show.

But if The Orville Season 3 gets on track, we can expect that after the second season hiatus ending, fans would get the answer in Season 3. However, if such delay continues, then the chances are more, The Orville Season 3 would be canceled soon?

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