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The A List Season 2: When It Will Arrive On Netflix? Everything You Need To Know


Netflix is ready to return with The A List Season 2, the dark teen drama that left fans in the middle of Mia’s journey. Well, the last season’s cliffhanger ending has elevated fans’ hopes. But, it seems things would turn darker in Mia and her campmates’ lives. Well, there’s no doubt in it as Mia’s impulsive decision had changed everything. But, will everything sort in their life? Let’s see!

The A List, created by Nina Metivier and Dan Berlinka, is a mystery teen drama on Netflix. It follows Mia’s (Lisa Ambalavanar) challenging life after a new girl Amber (Ellie Duckles Safe) joined the summer camp. The show takes place on an isolated island where Mia leads the social pecking camp. However, soon Amber arrived and became the famous person in the camp. That instantly causes a tense situation between Amber and Mia. But, quickly, Mia discovered some supernatural elements and decided to figure it out.

The first season was aired back in 2018 on BBC. However, shortly after the thirteen-episode landed on the network, the BBC decided not to bring back The A List for the second season. The series did meet the critical acclamation, but due to its wide fanbase, soon, Netflix picked the show. Now, fans can rest assured as Netflix has decided to return with The A List Season 2, since the show is quite popular among the teen and the streaming platform.

The A List Season 2: Who Will Join The Second Season?

The last season hiatus ending left many cast members’ fate up in the air. However, we can expect that the leading character Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) will return to solve the mystery of Amber (Ellie Duckles

). Apart from them, Savannah Baker will return as Kayleigh with Cian Berry as Dave and Eleanor Bennett as Jenna. Further, Jacob Dudman will join as Dev with Benjamin Nugent as Harry and Rosie Dwyer as Alex. Max Lohan as Luka and Jake Kane as Zac will also return.

Some Old Members Will Reappear

Apart from the main cast members, some new faces would join the second run. Recently, the news broke that Chetna Pandya is all set to play Liana Blackwood with Micheal Ward as Brendan. Further, Georgina Sadler will join as Petal with Indianna Ryan as Midge. Well, there are high chances that some more new members would join the team as well. However, the creative team hasn’t revealed much about them.

The A List Season 2: When Will It Air?

As soon as Netflix announced the renewal of the second season the fans were excited to know about its premiere. Earlier, it was supposed to air in August 2020. But, Netflix’s The A List Season 2 was severely affected due to the ongoing pandemic like many series and movies.

Now, the air date of the second season is still in limbo. However, the giant streaming platform would soon return with proper premiere news. Many fans also believed that The A-List Season 2 would soon air in mid-2021. Finger cross!

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