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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7: Is It Happening? Season 6 To Release Soon, Cast Details & More

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Our superheroes of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow have faced plenty of new challenges in the fifth season. However, the cliffhanger finale left the fans pondering whether they would return with Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6.

In the fifth season, the team battled with the historical figure, traveled through time, dealt with the fairy tale creature, and trapped in the alternate realities of the television shows. Now, what’s next? Well, there are plenty of stories, to begin with. But will they continue in Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7?

Legends Of Tomorrow follows a time traveler Rip Hunter’s journey to assemble superheroes. One day Rip discovered Vandal Savage’s plan to destroy time and Earth to induce an apocalypse. He quickly recruits a team of villains and superheroes who traveled through time on the Waverider, a stolen time ship, to stop Vandal’s plan. Meanwhile, it brings disturbance in the timeline. So, to prevent this disturbance, the Time Masters order Chronos to take down Hunter from disturbing the timeline.

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7: Is It Renewed?

As of now, the network hasn’t said anything regarding Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7. Even it’s too early to wonder about its seventh season. Since plenty of days are left for Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 to air on The CW. On May 14, 2020, the network confirmed that DC’s superhero would return with season 6 to resolve the cliffhanger of the fifth season.

However, the show has been delayed due to the health crisis. But, it’s now confirmed that Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 will air in mid-2021. So, after its premiere, we can expect that the network would soon announce the fate of Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7.

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7: Who Will Join The Cast?

Well, due to drastic changes and battles, some of the Legends had left us. But it’s unclear who will return for the seventh run. Since the network hasn’t released the cast details. But, in season 6, our lead will return as it will continue to have Caity Lotz as Sara Lance’s adventure. Further, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory will return with Nick Zano as Nate Hollywood and Jes Macallan as Ava Sharpe. Tala Ashe as Zari Tarazi will return with Matt Ryan as John Constantine.

Even Olivia Swann as Astra and Shayan Sobhian as Behrad will first-time return as the series regulars. Adam Tsekhman, who recurred as comedy relief Gary Green has also been promoted as series regular. To your surprise, The CW’s alumna Lisseth Chavez will join the Waverider as a new character Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz. So we can expect that they would reprise their role in the seventh season as well.

What New Challenge The Legends Will Face?

The fifth season follows a big decision where they had to select between choice or destiny. However, they would face the consequences in the sixth season. As per the showrunner Phil Klemmer, the sixth season would explore the battle against the aliens. He continued that first, the aliens would introduce as the bad guys who want to destroy the world.

Soon, the story would follow the emotional part where the Legends realize that these aliens have been misunderstood and aren’t that bad. But, it’s unsure how things would move in the seventh season. Since the network hasn’t released the synopsis and official trailer of the seventh season. But to know about Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7, stay tuned with us.

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