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The Darkest Minds 2: Jennifer Yuh Nelson Looking For A Sequel! Will It Happen?

It’s been three years since the debut of The Darkest Minds. And still, the fans are eager to know more about the Children’s League in The Darkest Minds 2. The film was inspired by Alexandra Bracken’s novel of the same name. Although Alexandra has released this novel’s sequels, yet it’s unclear when the filmmaker would come up with The Darkest Minds 2. However, the first film didn’t do much well. So, it’s uncertain whether it would ever get a chance to continue exploring the survivors’ world.

The Darkest Minds, directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, is an American dystopian superhero film that debuted in August 2018. It follows a survivors group having superpowers, however, imprisoned worldwide. Almost 98% of all teenagers and children got killed off by a contagious disease named Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration. However, Ruby Daly escapes from the prison using her psychic ability to read people’s minds.

The Darkest Minds 2: Is It Happening?

As of now, it’s unclear whether the makers would ever return with the sequel of The Darkest Minds. Howbeit the film earned $41.1 million worldwide in contrast to its $30 million budget. But, it didn’t receive a positive response from the critics and audiences. The show earned 16% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. However, fans of the novel are looking forward to its sequel.

Furthermore, in an interview, the filmmaker Jennifer teased that it’s entirely possible to get a sequel, as they have plenty of source material in Bracken’s novels to explore. These include Never Fade and In The Afterlight. Also, the author has many short stories which could shed light on the film. However, it’s uncertain whether they’ll get a chance to portray them in its sequel. But, the actors and the filmmaker have a desire to return.

The Darkest Minds 2: What Will Happen Next?

The first film explores the parent series of the novel that focused on the survivors’ battle against the government. However, its sequel would continue with the second book, “Never Fade,” where Ruby returns. Our orange-eyed mind reader never counted on her skills. But, now, everything would depend on her super ability. As per the book, Ruby is on a mission to teach the corrupt government, which haunts the super-powered children.

Although the Children’s League’s kids believed that Ruby is their leader, she still believes that she is more like a monster. But, when Ruby explored the dangerous secret, she left her League behind to continue her deadliest mission all alone. It seems she found the information about the acute disease. Now she will do anything to protect her closed beings.

Ruby Will Find The Source Of The Disease

It’s believed that Ruby will find the source of the disease when she discovered that it’s stored in a USB stick that belongs to Liam Stewart, Ruby’s crush. However, Liam wouldn’t recall Ruby in the first place. Instead, he would go on a quest to answer the catastrophic event that changed Ruby’s life.

The Darkest Minds 2: When It Will Release?

Well, it took four years for 20th Century Fox to buy the rights of The Darkest Minds. Further, the entire project took nearly four years to land on the theatre. However, the studio hasn’t acquired the rights to “Never Fade” yet. Thus, we can expect that The Darkest Minds 2 would air sometime in 2023.

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