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Chambers Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything You Need To Know!


The physiological horror drama Chambers left people in a daze and surprised after its first season. And, since then, they are craving for Chambers Season 2. But will Chambers return on Netflix? It was one of the dramas from Netflix’s Young Adult programs that come up with a storm back in 2019. Soon after it wrapped up, fans begin asking for more, but the streamer’s words could make you cry more. Let’s move straight to Netflix’s decision.

Chambers, created by Leah Rachel, is a horror series on Netflix. It follows Sasha Yazzie (Sivan Alyra), a teenager who, after receiving Becky’s heart, started getting haunted by her spirit. After surviving a heart attack, Sasha meets with Becky’s family. But soon, she begins suspecting some visions about her donor’s death. As Sasha gets closer to uncover the truth, Sasha started to act more like Becky.

Chambers Season 2: Is It Renewed For The Next Season?

Unfortunately, Netflix has decided not to renew Chambers for the second season. Usually, Netflix has been wrapping up the series after the second or third seasons, with 80% of the series renewed after the first season. But, it seems that it’s not the case with Chambers. The series creator Leah Rachel was mapping out the second season soon after the first season ended. Even Leah was highly optimistic about returning with more stories to enchant the fans. But Netflix’s decision left everything up in the air.

Netflix Praised The Concept And Cast

Netflix said that they’re grateful to creator Leah for coming up with such a thrilling show in a press statement. Even the streamer continued appreciating the fellow executive producers for supporting the series. The entire cast and crew members have excellently portrayed the story so well. Especially the newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose, Uma Thurman, and Tony Goldwyn. But sadly, Chambers won’t return for the second season.

Netflix Spoke About Calling Off The Show

Although the show came up with a unique concept yet, it failed to receive a positive response. The show received a mixed reaction of 42% on Rotten Tomatoes. It even failed to garner attention in the television marketplace. Chambers even got criticized by the organ donor organization for falsification of transplantation. Furthermore, Netflix’s renewal decision is primarily based on cost vs. viewership analysis, which Chambers failed to achieve.

A Petition Signed To Bring Back Season 2

Nowadays, it has become a trend to sign a petition to revive your favorite show. As soon as the streamer canceled the show, one of the series fans started a petition to return with the second season. It reads: “This show is a rare example of an Indigenous Woman in a starting role.” The fan added that instead of the negative response Netflix must deem into the positive reviews and the buzz it created online. However, it looks like Netflix is standing its ground by staying mum and not renewing the show.

Will Chambers Season 2 Ever Return?

As of now, the petition has reached 1,957 signatures with its initial goal of 2,500 signatures. So deeming the online campaigns and petition, we can expect that in the future, Netflix might return with Chambers Season 2. However, it’s uncertain as Netflix mainly focused on the budget required to make and promote the show. So, chances are relatively low for the second season. Still, stay optimistic and tuned with us in this space for more updates.

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