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Star Trek: Discovery Season 4: Stars Teased A New And Interesting Villain, Cast Addition, Production Updates & More


Paul Stamets star Anthony Rapp gave some hint on Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 storyline and the things he enjoyed the most with the fellow cast members. Well, the fourth season

would be pretty interesting in the history of Star Trek: Discovery as in the recent finale, Michael Burnham end up with the captaincy position. But the final events hint that not everyone is happy to see Burnham in the captain’s seat. Will it mean a new revolution in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4? Let’s see!

Star Trek: Discovery has been on air since 2017 and has earned a few mixed reviews from the franchise’s old fans. Though Discovery pursued the sophomore run, the third season remade the series by exploring the new century in the finale. Now the Discovery crew has entered into an era that is yet to explore. It will lead to a new beginning for the team.

Anthony Rapp Disclosed Season 4 Plotline

Rapp plays the chief engineer Paul Stamets, who recently talked with Jackie Cox on the It Do Take Nerd podcast about the fourth season. He said that he’s been looking forward to interacting with the new members. While speaking about Paul’s life’s latest phase, Rapp said that the fourth season would expand his repertory as a new actor will join him in the sandbox. Rapp didn’t disclose the new member’s identity, but he said he never talked one-on-one with the new member. So, Rapp’s excited to work with the actor.

Rapp has been a core member of the series since its debut. But the third season finale might build some twisting turn for his character as it followed several clashes with Burnham. Even Paul seemed a bit foe against the new captain. Could it result in Paul ending up on the darker path? It remains to be seen.

But, so far, Rapp seems quite exciting with how everything is pacing in the fourth season. The best thing that the TV shows could do is bring some new characters and some fascinating pairing, and it sounds like season 4 will do precisely the same.

Michelle Paradise Hints The Theme

In an interview, Paradise confirmed that the Discovery crew would explore in the 32nd century rather than traveling back to their timeline. Well, the entire crew members have already discovered in the second season that it’s only a one-way trip. So instead of getting stuck there, they would stay in the 32nd century. Even they would continue with the third season theme. But it could be quite different than ever as they would deeply dive into the science- in a new and exciting way.

New Villain Will Introduce

There have been several types of villains throughout the series. But the fourth season would experience a never-seen-before villain. Paradise teased that the upcoming season would follow a non-living or breathing entity. Well, could it mean that the fourth season would explore technological villains like the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Crystalline Entity? Maybe.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4: When Will Production Begin?

On November 2, two weeks after the show green light for the fourth season, the fans got to know that the production is underway. The entire crew and cast members returned to Toronto base to begin filming for the fourth season, which will continue until this June. However, due to the COVID-restriction, the show will use augmented reality LED screens to film the fourth season remotely.

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