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Monsters At Work Episode 5: Release Date Out! Will Taylor Be Able To Impress Mike Wazowski? Know More


Fans are eagerly waiting to have more details on the next episode of Monsters At Work. But it looks like the officials are trying to keep Monsters At Work Episode 5 a bit mysterious, as they haven’t revealed its title yet. The fans of this computer-animated series are getting curious to know what will happen next in it.

It is certain that they will be witnessing another misadventure of MIFT as they will go to Monster Inc for their daily work. Tylor will likely try his best again to impress Mike Wazowski and get in his good books. The previous episode of the series was pretty interesting. As a result, the followers are even more excited to watch the next one. So, what will happen next in the animated series, and when will it hit the screens? Here are all the latest details.

Monsters At Work Episode 5

Monsters At Work Episode 5: Plot Details!

The sequel of Monsters Inc. is receiving a great response due to its content ever since it returned this year in the form of a TV series. Tylor is still trying very hard to get a promotion so that he can reach the Laugh Floor. However, all his previous plans ended up creating trouble for him. The possibility for the same thing to happen again is very high. However, after the bowling competition, his relationship with his MIFT colleagues has smoothened out.

Monsters At Work Episode 5 will likely feature Tylor coming up with one of his over-ambitious plans to impress Mike. On the other hand, Duncan will try his best to ruin his plan and get rid of him. However, Tylor is determined to reach the Laugh Floor, so he is ready for any kind of challenge that’ll come his way.

Previous Episode Recap!

The fourth episode of Monster At Work is titled “The Big Wazowkis.” It featured the bowling tournament at Monster Inc. Mike and Gary, who are rivals, get into a heated bet. And Tylor made another desperate move to impress Mike as he offered to assemble a MIFT bowling team and perform on behalf of Mike. The team participated under the name “The Bif Wazowkis.” and performed terribly. But, they still made their way to the top of this competition with the help of several accidents.

Meanwhile, Duncan manipulated Tylor to replace MIFTs with skilled players in the finals. However, Tylor’s team learned about his lie on the day of the match, and they confronted him about it as well. By the end, Tylor took responsibility for his team, turned the performance full of accidents into an amazing one, and led his team from the front to win. 

Monsters At Work Episode 5: Release Date

Only a few more days, and then the fans will finally see the fifth episode of this animated series. Monsters At Work Episode 5 is all set to release on Wednesday, July 28, 2021. It will be available to stream online on Disney+. So, stay tuned for more updates and news.

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