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Insatiable Season 3: Will It Ever Happen? All The Latest Details

Despite the first season of Insatiable suffered significant backlash, Netflix renewed it for the season run. But, it doesn’t seem the same case for Insatiable Season 3. Based on Jeff Chu’s article The Pageant King of Alabama, Insatiable follows a teenager Patty Bladell. She was body-shammed by her pals. But an accident forced her to a strict liquid diet resulted in her losing weight. Thus she returned to precede her rage on those who had bullied her. But can she continue it in season 3? Let’s see!

Insatiable Season 3: Is It Happening?

The second season hit Netflix in early October 2019. But, Netflix took more than usual time to decide the fate of the series. Fans were waiting for the renewal news just as they watched the second season. But Netflix confirmed in February 2020 that Insatiable wouldn’t return for the third run. And soon after this news, Alyssa Milano tweeted her grievance. She also said that they have many plots to explore yet.

Still, Milano’s tweet hinted that they could return on another network. Well, the show debuted as the CW’s original. And it got canceled just after its first season. But Netflix saved it once. So there’s a hope that it could return to wrap up its story. But, as per the reports, there’s a clause in Netflix’s contract that prevents canceled shows from airing on other platforms for a specific amount of time. As of now, it remains unclear if season 3 could hit another network or not.

Netflix’s Former Head Explained The Reason Behind Cancelation

Cindy Holland, Netflix’s Original Content Former Head revealed that the renewal of any show is based on a combination of certain things. She said that when they invest in a particular series, they first look at the fans’ response. Including how many will show up to stream the show.

If they didn’t earn many viewers, they reconsider whether or not to invest in that show. Cindy added that indeed critical acclaim is also crucial. But they focus on stretching their investment. So they can ensure that they are investing in something good.

Audience Signed A Petition

Soon after the first season of Insatiable aired, the viewers signed a petition with more than 230,000 signatures calling to cancel the show. Many argued that the show could cause eating disorders. Some even said that it is promoting body shaming. But, it soon got renewed for the second run. On which Debby Ryan said that societal nick needs to be addressed. So all they just want is to portray it in their show.

She added that they wanted to convey that you don’t have to feel bad about how you look. Soon Milano said that in the show, they aren’t shaming Patty. Instead, they are just depicting some social injustice issue. But despite their confession, the show didn’t cater to many positive views in its favor. Besides, several critics gave generally unfavorable reviews. As it gained only 2.68/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. Thus chances of its return for season 3 seem pretty slim.

Insatiable Season 3: What Will Happen If It Returns?

The show’s creator Lauren Gussis teased before the series canceled that the future run would explore Patty’s true feelings. Now she will try to find her morality and inner foundation. Well, she had been taking revenge on others who mocked her. But after killing Pageant, she confessed that nothing tastes as better as killing feels. Though she spoke some degree of truth, yet it’s the start of her recovery and re-evaluation of her ethics.

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