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The Sinner Season 4: Release Date Out! New Trailer Teases Set Of Chaos In Harry Ambrose’s Life

While trying to heal from the past trauma, the now-retired Harry Ambrose will get involved in an unexpected tragedy case in The Sinner Season 4. Finally, after a year-long break, Bill Pullman’s crime drama based on the 1999 Petra Hammesfahr novel returns with an enigmatic case that is deeply connected to northern Maine’s Hanover Island and its upper-class family sins. However, the more Harry investigates the case, the more the paranoia puts the island and Harry’s life in chaos.

Developed by Derek Simonds, The Sinner follows a police detective Harry who inspects the crime executed by the unlikely convict who tries to cover their heinous motives. The first season explored a troubled woman who stabbed a man to death. While the second season revolved around the vicious action attempted by a young boy of Harry’s hometown. But the third season’s fatal car accident left Harry dismayed with its connection with some complex cases.

The Sinner Season 4: New Trailer Hints At What Could Happen Next

Recently, the show released another trailer delving closer to the new mystery Harry would deal with now. As the trailer opened up, it focuses on the mysterious disappearance of the daughter of a prominent island family, Percy Muldoon. While the cops, including her family, believe that her death is a tragedy, Harry smells something suspicious. When the cops said her death is due to excessive medication and drugs, Harry firmly upholds his point that he saw her at the edge of the cliff.

Well, it doesn’t seem like an open and shut case. As deeper Harry explores this case, the deeper the mystery gets tangle. Further, Frances Fisher’s character seems to know something crucial which she’s hiding from everyone. Even the Lam family also comes under suspicion as their son was with Percy before she attempted suicide. Above all, the trailer hints at a mysterious stalker who knows a lot about Percy and her sins which might turn the island and Harry’s life upside down.

The Sinner Season 4: New Faces Join The Cast

Well, it won’t be The Sinner without Bill Pullman. So, of course, he will return as Harry Ambrose. Season 4 will explore new characters’ story including Alice Kremelberg as Percy Muldoon and Michael Mosley as Colin Muldoon. In addition, Cindy Cheung as Stephanie Lam, Ronin Wong as Mike Lam, and Neal Huff as Sean Muldoon will also join. David Huynh will join in a recurring role as C.J. Lam. Besides them, season 3’s character Sonya Barzel (played by Jessica Hecht) will also join. Even Frances Fisher joins the team, but her role has yet to reveal.

The Sinner Season 4: Release Date Confirmed!

USA Network’s hit series The Sinner will return next month with a brand new challenge aligned ahead in Bill Pullman’s Harry way. The Sinner Season 4 will air on Wednesday, October 13, at 10 pm ET/PT only on USA Network. The fourth season of The Sinner will consist of eight episodes. It will air weekly on Wednesday night following a runtime of around 40-51 minutes long. You can even catch the first three seasons of The Sinner on Netflix.

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