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Billions Season 5 Episode 9: Implosion! Axe’s Next Move Will Dither Prince


While Axe seems to focus more on destroying his rivals, it appears that in Billions Season 5 Episode 9 things will turn upside-down. Although Axe is plotting a potent strategy against everyone, someone from his close circle would betray him in the latter half of the chapter. Meanwhile, Tanner could lose all his hopes, and the destruction in his art gallery would force Wendy to take a severe step. But could she hide everything from Chuck Sr.’s eyes? Let’s see!

Billions Season 5 Episode 9 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Billions Season 5 Episode 9, titled “Implosion,” is written by Beth Schacter while Neil Burger directed it. It will follow the aftermath of Axe’s plan. Well, Chuck has been trying hard to prove his worth to his father, Chuck Sr. But his attempt seems to go in vain thanks to Axe. Now, after trusting Sackler and going after the illegal moneylender, he will once again find himself in an enigmatic situation. Meanwhile, his father’s health will force him to ruminate about their condition.

Elsewhere, Prince will get trap in a destructive scandal which will put his power and dignity on edge. However, to save his reputation, he could take a dangerous step. On the other hand, Axe will curate a powerful strategy to show Taylor that he’s still Taylor’s boss. Elsewhere, Wendy is now Chuck Sr.’s medical caretaker, but it seems her priority is sending her money to her boyfriend, Tanner.

Someone Might Betray Axe

The recent promo shows Prince in his vulnerable state after being defeated by Axe. However, he won’t stay low for longer, as we can see him planning his next move against Axe. But Chuck Sr. doesn’t seem at his best to help Prince plotting against Axe. However, Axe’s new move against Chuck and Taylor could come out as digging his own grave as we can expect to see Taylor joining hands with Prince to take revenge. Although Dollar Bill is loyal to Axe and his empire, there’s a slight chance that his plan could turn down Axe. Will Dollar Bill join forces with Prince? Whatever happens, Ira will appear as the biggest game-changer against Axe.

A Quick Recap!

In the prior episode titled “Copenhagen

,” Axe tries to extract valuable information against his new rival Michael Prince. However, Prince would have had left Axe for good as he had a future waiting in Denmark. But Wags interfered with his plans and clutched Prince’s ally Scooter, who is having gambling problems. However, he outsmarts Wags and escapes. Meanwhile, Dollar Bill Stearn is up to something vicious.

Elsewhere, Chuck is still seeking a kidney donor for his father, who doesn’t trust him. But Chuck’s troubles escalate when a photo of him damaging Yale property pops up. However, Chuck only wanted Yale to split from South Africa’s Apartheid regime. Shortly, Chuck asks Sackler to help him out, and she proposes to get help from a rogue moneylender. But Chuck has no clue that it’s all Axe’s plan, and now everything is moving as per his plans.

Billions Season 5 Episode 9: Release Date

Billions Season 5 Episode 9, titled “Implosion,” will return this weekend more explosively. It will air this Sunday, September 12, at 9 pm ET only on Showtime. Each hour-long episode will release weekly on Sunday nights. You can also tune into Showtime app or Showtime’s official website to stream the show. You can catch the show on-demand on Spectrum, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime Video for online subscribers. So, don’t miss it.

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