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Chicago PD Season 9: Will Burgess Survive? Release Date And Exciting News


Chicago PD Season 9 is set to premiere soon. And fans are thrilled to receive another season of the show after the last season premiered in May. Chicago PD depicts the cop-adventures of the Intelligence Unit in the fictional 21 District. Unfortunately, the previous season left the fans disdained by the thrilling note on which the show ended.

So, finally, NBC is ready to release Season 9 of The Chicago PD soon. Also, fans would be thrilled to know that Chicago PD’s producer, Dick Wolf, has signed a five-year deal with Universal Television. The deal means that all the shows under the “Chicago” brand, including Chicago PD, have been renewed for three seasons. So, here is all we know about Season 9 of the show-

Chicago PD Season 9: What Will Happen?

Season 9 of the show will address the unsolved mysteries of the previous season. Also, the fans will see some new plot additions. We will witness the expert cops of the Intelligence Unit working on new cases. Firstly, the premiere episode, titled “Closure,” will see Kim Burgess struggle to stay alive while the team tries to find her abductors. Last season ended up with Burgess getting shot. However, it was not revealed if she survived getting shot twice in the stomach. 

NBC also released an official synopsis for the ninth season. As per the synopsis, a PD informant ends up getting killed. The team tries to find the killer but ends up unfolding a shocking truth. Season 9 will also witness Voight and Ruzek work on a strategy to help Burgess.

Image: NBC

Previously, we also saw Voight torture and assault a suspect. The situation turned worst when Voight had no choice but to kill the suspect when the two wrestled to control the gun. Ruzek gets involved in the situation when he helps Voight in burning the suspect’s body. So, the premiere episode will see the two face consequences of their actions. Additionally, the fans will see Halstead’s answer to Upton’s marriage proposal during the first episode.

Chicago PD Season 9: Cast Details

Luckily for the fans, Marina Squerciati will return in Season 9 as Kim Burgess. All the original cast members will be seen in the upcoming season. The upcoming season will have Jason Beghe, Jesse Lee Soffer, Patrick John Flueger, and Amy Morton. 

Also, Tracy Spiridakos will be joining the cast. The fans speculated that Kim Burgess would not return for Season 9. However, the synopsis confirms her appearance next season. In fact, it will be interesting to see if Kim Burgess survives.

Will Lisseth Chavez Return?

Image: NBC

The fans have been puzzled about Lisseth Chavez having not seen her since season 7. Chavez was cast as a series regular to play Vanessa Rojas. Moreover, she made her first appearance on the show in the second episode of Season 7. After that, she appeared regularly through the season after being recruited by Voight to the Intelligence unit. However, she was not seen in season 8, and her character did not receive a proper send-off either.

The fans were excited to know if Chavez’s character reprises in the ninth season, even if it meant a guest, to give rest her character a rest. However, her return is improbable as she’s a series regular in The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. Currently, the series is filming for the seventh season in Canada. So, Lisseth Chavez will not return for Season 9.

Image: NBC

Chicago PD Season 9: Release Date

Chicago PD Season 9 will premiere on September 22, 2021, exclusively on NBC. The network will broadcast the show at 10 pm, with each episode aired weekly. Fans can also watch Season 9 on streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu, FuboTV, and Peacock.

Additionally, NBC also shared a video revealing the first looks of Chicago PD Season 9. The fans would be looking forward to knowing the answers that the previous season left unanswered. So don’t miss it.

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