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Altered Carbon Season 3: Sneak Peek- Will Anthony Mackie Return With Season 3? Know More Updates


While Netflix scrapped off Altered Carbon Season 3, fans are still hoping to see their favorite character, Takeshi Kovacs back on screen. The second season left an open lose end and pivotal theories which can playoff in the next season. Yet, Netflix’s decision left fans on edge, craving more about Elder’s backstory and how things will unfold in season 3, especially in Takeshi’s life.

But don’t fret! As there’s still hope that Altered Carbon Season 3 might return on another streaming platform. Let’s focus on the possibility of its return and what is next aligned for season 3.

Based on Richard K. Morgan’s novel of the same name, the series revolves around the future. There a person’s consciousness and memories can be stored in a disk-shaped device called a cortical stack. These devices are designed using reverse engineering. Shortly, they pulled out the rebel group political operative Takeshi Kovacs from prison for an experiment. After the rebel group was killed off in the past. But as time passes, Takashi starts seeking his lost love.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Will It Ever Return?

Shortly after the second season hit the streaming giant, Netflix unveiled that there wouldn’t be Altered Carbon Season 3. Howbeit Netflix didn’t confirm the reason behind the show’s cancelation. Yet it seems the pandemic has played a major role in the series cancelation. It was pretty challenging to begin filming the third run amid the global crisis. Yet it wasn’t the main reason behind the cancelation. All thanks to the hiking budget, the streamer decided to scrap off the show.

Real Reason Behind Season 3 Cancelation

Howbeit Netflix remained mum on the cancelation news. Yet many believe that the exponentially increasing budget has played a crucial role. Also, Netflix’s former VP Cindy Holland cited in an interview that the show’s renewal depends on cost vs. viewership graph. Though many avid viewers enjoyed the show yet the series has received a mixed rating. However, the second season has hiked in viewership, as it gained an 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, higher than the pilot run.

Further, on Metacritic, the series gained 7.16/10, higher than the first run. Thus it remains uncertain why Netflix dropped the show out of nowhere. But, THR confirmed that the series cancelation was based on two major factors, including the complication of managing the big star cast and tentative air date. In contrast, the budget has always remained the main reason behind its cancelation.

Audience Is Still Hoping To Return

Howbeit the primary reason behind its cancelation remains in limbo. Yet, the fans are keenly waiting for Altered Carbon Season 3. Typically the series takes a couple of years to return with another season. Thus, many speculated that the show could return in 2022. Further, there’s a buzz that the show could return on another platform. But, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Altered Carbon Season 3: What Will Happen If It Returns?

Is Takashi Alive?

The second season finale saw the end of Anthony Mackie’s Takashi. As he allowed Elder to infect him to use Angelfire. That later resulted in both Elder and Takeshi’s death. But, in the closing moment, we saw Poe restacking Takashi’s stack, which Angelfire destroyed. It teases that Jordan has already mapped the third run. That might embark on Takashi’s new beginning. And it would be entirely different from the first two seasons.

Takashi Would Return For Next Adventure

Whether it’s Marvel’s Falcon or Altered Carbon, no one can mess with Anthony Mackie. While the finale saw his departure, Mackie seems optimistic to return as Takashi and embark on his journey. Rather than focusing on the concentric storyline of the first season, Mackie’s Takashi tried to explore his true self, while destroying the Elder using his stack. But, Mackie believes that he could return to explore a solo quest.

Will Poe Return?

Well, Poe appeared as the sidekick of Takashi, who knew everything about him. Unfortunately, they reduced Poe to brittle digital bits. Yet, he can operate as Takashi’s sidekick. As we saw in the finale, he redesigned Takashi from the damaged body. Thus his memories seemed intact. So there is a possibility that Chris Conner can once again return as Poe in the following season.

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