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StartUp Season 4: Will Netflix Save The Show? Know All The Recent Updates

The third season of StartUp came out in Crackle in 2018. And the series’ fans were pretty disappointed after the show ended with the third season. However, the usual savior, Netflix, has once again come to the rescue. There have been reports that the show is coming back with StartUp Season 4. 

StartUp is crime thriller drama series that debuted on Crackle in 2016. The show is a dark tale of crime, violence, and money laundering. It revolves around a group of virtual currency tech entrepreneurs who indulge in the world of crime.

StartUp Season 4

Created by Ben Ketai, the show received mixed reviews by critics upon the first season’s release. Nonetheless, the later seasons of the series managed to impress the critics. Fans have also loved the show as it garnered a dedicated and loyal fanbase over the three seasons. And it looks like that after being off the air for several years, the series found a new home on Netflix. After the cliffhanger ending of the third season, fans have always wondered what could happen next in the story. Hence, let us discuss what we know about a possible StartUp Season 4. 

StartUp Season 4: What Could Happen Next?


The third season of the series revealed that Rebecca is not from NASA, and she was captured after a confrontation with Izzy, even though Mara and Ronald successfully managed to get a grant from Saginaw Partners for Araknet. However, Rebecca launched a cyber attack on the company, causing them to lose more than half of its 100 million users across the world. Meanwhile, Nick finally had to get his hand dirty as he killed Rebecca.

So, in case there will be StartUp Season 4, it might feature Izzy, Ronald, and Nick working together to rebuild their company. However, NASA will be on their backs this whole time. Also, there might be some more troubles for them, given the company’s association with the crime underworld. Meanwhile, the chief trio of Araknet is not best of friends with each other. With each of them having their own agendas in mind, there might be a conflict among them in StartUp Season 4. It will also be intriguing to see Nick’s changed dynamic with his counterparts after the cold-blooded killing of Rebecca.

Will There Be Another Season?


StartUp has gone off the air for a while now after the release of its third season in 2018. All the show’s three seasons were released on Netflix on May 4, 2021. So fans are desperately waiting for StartUp Season 4. But Netflix’s involvement with the show is kind of a ray of hope in the direction of another season. After all, it is not unusual for the show from other networks to find new life on the streaming platform. However, as of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the series’ renewal. So, even if the series gets renewed, it might release around late 2022.

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