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Hilda Season 3: Hilda Trapped In A Troll’s Body? Will The Show Return?

Gripping fantasy animated series are sometimes the perfect escape we need from our routine lives every once in a while, and Netflix’s Hilda is every bit of it. After the release of the second season in December 2020, fans got an animated movie, but that was never going to be enough. And they are already waiting for Hilda Season 3. But will it return? Here is everything we know about the next season.

Netflix’s Hilda is a British Canadian animated fantasy drama series that debuted on the streaming service in September 2018. The animated show is based on the eponymous graphic novel series. It follows a fearless and adventurous young girl named Hilda. She, along with her mother, lives in a cabin in the forest. The show chronicles the adventures of Hilda and her friends David, Frida, Alfur, and Twig in the magical land of Trolberg. The series created by Luke Pearson has induced quite some positive reviews for the first two seasons. And fans are eagerly waiting for Hilda Season 3.

When Is Hilda Season 3 Coming?

Netflix dropped all 13 episodes of the second season of Hilda on December 14, 2020. After that, a movie titled Hilda and the Mountain King was also released in 2021. Now talking about Hilda Season 3, there is a chance that the show will return for the third season since the second season ended on a cliffhanger note.

However, it has been more than a year since the premiere of the second season. And still, there is no official confirmation regarding Hilda Season 3. If we are to anticipate, given the response of the first two seasons, we are hopeful about the possibility of the third season. While the showrunner takes their sweet time deciding the future of Hilda Season, fans can get their share of Hilda’s story from the graphic novels. 

Hilda Cast

In the show, the lead character of the adventurous Sparrow Scout, Hilda, is voiced by Bella Ramsey. Voice for the character Hilda’s mother, Johanna, is given by Daisy Haggard. Hilda’s close friends Frida, David, and Alfur Aldric are dubbed by Ameerah Falzon-Ojo, Oliver Nelson, and Rasmus Hardiker, respectively.

So, most of the original voice cast members are likely to return, with a few possible changes. On the other hand, there might also be a few new characters in store. There is a chance that the upcoming season may introduce us to some new characters we’ve not seen in the series thus far. 

Hilda Season 3: What’s Next For Hilda?

The second season of Hilda ended on a vague note. The finale, titled ‘The Stone Forest,’ saw Hilda, her mother, and Twig end up deserted in the Stone Forest full of trolls. While they tried to survive the danger of the forest, Frida and David were trying to find them. Ultimately, the Raven came to save them and took Hilda, Twig, and Johanna to their home.

Hilda’s mother fled from the forest filled with trolls. The episode ended with Johanna taking breakfast with Hilda. She was surprised to see that a troll child called Baba was waking up in Hilda’s bed, and he had taken her place. Meanwhile, Hilda was left behind in the troll forest, and she was trapped in the body of a troll. 

Sadly, not much content about Hilda Season 3 has been revealed by the streaming platform. There is a chance that the third season might take the events of the 2021 film into account, but it is not confirmed yet. But it is sure that when the show returns for a third season, we will see some fresh adventures of Hilda and other characters. Hilda Season 3 may persist with Hilda being stuck in the Stone Forest. Hilda is all about exploring the secrets of a mysterious and magical world. Thus, it makes sense that the third season of the show is still a mystery for the fans.

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