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Who Is Song Kang’s Girlfriend? Relationship & Dating History As Of 2022!

The rise of Korean dramas and movies has taken the world of entertainment by storm. With an international following and Netflix appearances, the Korean industry has made a reputable name for itself. Korean culture, inspiring actors, and their attractive looks make the fans wonder about their personal lives and what they do behind the scenes. One such renowned Korean star is Song Kang, who rose to fame after appearing on The Liar and His Lover in 2017.

Since then, he has appeared on Netflix’s international hit K-dramas like Sweet Home, Navillera, Love Alarm, and Nevertheless. The 28-year-old has attracted a lot of female followers who wonder about Song Kang’s dating life. Sadly, not much has been known about Kang’s partner. However, he has been rumored to hang out with some of his costars. So who is Song Kang’s girlfriend? Keep reading ahead to find out.

Song Kang Rumored To Be Dating Han So-hee

The 27-year-old South Korean actress has been associated with Song Kang for a while now. Song and Han So-hee were the lead actions in Netflix’s famous show Nevertheless. Their onscreen chemistry has left fans wondering if they have something going on off-screen. The duo has also been spotted holding hands a while back which gave way to a whole new level of speculations. 

Moreover, Song and So-hee have been seen backstage, leaning on each other’s shoulders while having a conversation. However, that does not prove that they are dating. Moreover, none of the stars responded to the rising rumors about their relationship. Thus, there might be a small possibility that the pair has been dating secretively. Or they might just be good friends who like spending time with each other. 

One of the fans claimed that he had spotted the duo on a blind date. However, So-hee and Kang’s relationship is bound to stay a mystery until one of them admits publically. Moreover, the duo will be starring together in the upcoming K-drama, “I Know But.” Therefore, it will be thrilling to watch the pair’s chemistry spread magic on the screens once again.

Was Song Kang Dating Jennie?

The Kpop singer and rapper Jennie Kim has also tagged as Song Kang’s girlfriend in the past. She rose to fame after debuting for the girl band Blackpink in 2016. Song and Jennie have worked together on a variety of K-dramas. They have also been spotted sharing some pleasant moments on and off the screens. But rumors about their dating spread after they appeared together on “Village Survival: The Eight.” However, their romantic involvement must have been just speculation, as none of them confirmed or gave a statement about dating each other. 

Meanwhile, Song has always kept the secrets about his personal life a mystery. He avoids dating publically and does not like to speak about his relationship. Although the immensely talented actor manages to win the hearts of his fans with his dynamic and skilled acting. So, even if So-hee seems to be quite close to Song kang, we might never know for sure if they are dating.

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