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Batwoman Season 3 Episode 12: Mary Trying To Make Amends, Alice Battling Her Inner Demons

It has been almost three weeks since the eleventh episode of Batwoman Season 3 premiered on The CW. In the last episode, viewers saw Marcus escaping from the clinic, wreaking havoc on the team with the help of Arkham prisoners. But now, Batwoman Season 3 Episode 12 will show us Ryan and Sophie working together to stop Marcus’s villainous schemes.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

The eleventh episode of Batwoman Season 3, titled ‘Broken Toys’, dropped on February 2, 2022. At the start of the episode, fans saw Batwoman and Mary going to the clinic only to find that Marquis had already escaped from there. Water entered the clinic and healed him of the dehydration serum. 

Meanwhile, Luke tells the team that his dad’s AI may be useful in fixing Joker’s Joy Buzzer. However, Alice suggests bringing in the real creator of the buzzer as the AI was at Wayne Enterprise. Ryan sees Jada and tries to persuade her to help them in stopping Marcus.

Moreover, the team discovered that Marquis’s plan was to eradicate everyone and dispatch the Arkham prisoners after each team. Soon after, Mary and Alice found themselves surrounded by the inmates of Arkham after Kiki tricked them. Kiki was working for Marquis this whole time.

Luckily, Batwoman arrived on time and rescued Alice and Mary. On the other hand, Sophie and Batwing clashed with Marquis’ Arkham guards and defeated them. Later on, Jada dressed as Batwoman, met Ryan, and suggested that he should never bury his feelings. At the same time, Alice revealed to Mary that she wished to get healed and be normal. 

What To Expect From Batwoman Season 3 Episode 12?

The twelfth episode of Batwoman Season 3 is titled “We’re All Mad Here”. And the promo and official synopsis of the episode is already here. Based on the synopsis, we anticipate Ryan, Sophie, and Jada getting together and devising a scheme to contain the Marquis. On the other hand, Mary will try to make amends for her actions as her alter ego Poison Ivy. At the same time, Alice’s battle with her inner demons will continue. We can’t wait to see what new challenges the episode will bring for our favorite characters.

The official synopsis of the episode reads, “Ryan, Sophie, and Jada come together to formulate a plan to stop Marquis; Mary seeks to make amends for the harm she did as Poison Ivy; Alice continues to spiral out of control and contends with her mental demons.”

When And Where To Watch Batwoman Season 3 Episode 12?

Batwoman Season 3 has been on a break after the premiere of the eleventh episode on February 02, 2022. This hiatus was due to the schedule of the Winter Olympics. However, fans should be excited as the break is almost over, and the series is returning for Batwoman Season 3 Episode 12 on February 23, 2022.

Fans can catch the broadcast of the episode on The CW on February 23 at 9 Pm Pst. While the episode will also be available to stream on the official website of The CW.

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