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Joe Vs Carole Season 2: Will The Series Return For The Second Season?

Netflix might have released their take on the Joe vs. Carole rivalry in the show The Tiger King. However, Peacock’s dark comedy crime drama series Joe Vs. Carole that landed on the network a while offers a completely different. The dark humor and brilliant writing kept fans hooked for the first season. Now, these fans are wondering about the show’s possible return with Joe Vs. Carole Season 2. So let’s discuss what we know about him.

 The series developed by Etan Frankel chronicle the epic rivalry between Joe Exoctic and Carole Baskin, which has also been depicted in Netflix’s Tiger King. The first season of the series that is available to stream on Peacock has received fairly positive reviews from fans as well as critics.

What Is The Show About?

The narrative of Peacocks’ dark comedy drama revolves around the epic real-life rivalry between the Owner of The GW Zoo, Joe Exotic, and aminal rights activist Carole Basin. For many years has been successfully operated by its owner, Joe Exotic, for many years. His cub-breeding business and animal shows infuriate Carole Baskin, a big-cat rescuer with a strong sense of compassion for animals. She makes a vow to stop Joe’s businesses from abusing the helpless creatures, which sets up a tense conflict between the two. 

Joe vs Carole Season 2 Release Date Has Not Been Announced Yet! -

The conflict between Carole and Joe becomes worse over time, getting more complicated and combative every year until things get really bad. Nearly ten years after the conflict started, a murder attempt changes everything in the two cat lovers’ relationship.

Is Joe Vs. Carole Season 2 Coming?

The entire first season of Joe Vs. Carole premiered on Peacock on March 3. Meanwhile, the fans who have an interest in this real-life rivalry have already binged the first season. Now, talking about the future of the series, here’s what we know.

There is no confirmation about Joe Vs. Carole Season 2, as the platform, has not yet given the green light to the show’s next season. On top of that, we know that the creators have planned the show as a miniseries. Therefore, the possibility of Joe Vs. Carole Season 2 is very unlikely at this point.

During an interview while talking about the series, showrunner Etan Frankel stated, “It’s a fun and rich journey into the story of people who live very extreme lives.” He also added, “When I took on this project a year and a half ago. Etan also continued, “I found Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin to be utterly fascinating, and this crazy tale about two big cat lovers quickly became an important story for me to tell.”

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