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B Positive Season 3: What Will Happen After Gina & Drew’s Big Decision? Releasing In 2022?

B Positive Season 3

CBS’s comedy-drama series B Positive series follows the story of a therapist Drew Dunbar, who needs a kidney transplant. And he finds a donor in a woman named Gina. The duo falls in love. The second season of the comedy series Marco Pennette has just finished its run on CBS, and fans already can’t wait for it to return with B Positive Season 3. Will It Return? Let us find that out below-

What To Expect From B Positive Season 3?

The second season of the series, B Positive showed us what happened after Drew and Gina’s successful kidney operation. There were many ebbs and flows for the two in both personal and professional life in the second season. Meanwhile, Gina financed the old age home known as Valley Hills, as she is now the owner of all the inherited money. On the other hand, Drew was still trying to decide what he wanted to do in his life.

Are You Kidneying Us? 'B Positive' Adds New Cast Members for Season 2

At the end of the second season, Mrs. Ludlum joined a rival retirement home leaving behind Valley Hills. Her decision has affected Gina, who is now having trouble running the living facility without her. In the second season finale, Gina receives an offer on Valley Hills while Drew contemplates traveling to Alaska.

If the series returns with B Positive Season 3, it will likely pick up the story after the ending of the second season. The third season will show what happens after Gina and Drew’s big decision, how it affects their lives, and what the future might hold for them. Therefore, the third season will have a lot of interesting storylines for the fans.

When Is B Positive Season 3 Coming?

CBS premiered the second season of B Positive on October 14, 2021, and the second season came to an end on March 10, 2022. Meanwhile, talking about B Positive Season 3, it was only yesterday when the first season concluded. Therefore, it is not surprising that there has not been any official announcement. However, based on the popularity, we are optimistic that the show might return for a third installment sooner than later. But until there is an official announcement, it can not be said as to when that will happen.

Cast Of B Positive Season 3!

The main cast members in the B Positive feature Thomas Middleditch as Drew and Annaleigh Ashford in the role of Gina Dabrowski, and we expect them to return in their roles in B Positive Season 3. On the other hand, the series also stars actors like Linda Lavin as Norma, Darryl Stephens as Gideon, Kether Donohue playing Gabby, David Anthony Higgins appearing as Jerry, and Terrence Terrell in the role of Eli Russell. And most of these cast members are likely to return in the next season. Meanwhile, the third season may also bring some new faces in the third season.

Is Thomas Middledtich Leaving B Positive?

As Thomas Middleditch has been confirmed as a long-term player, fans may relax. Drew Dunbar’s character is very important to the plot, and his relationship with Gina has yet to be resolved. On the o ther hand, Thomas has not confirmed his rumored departure, and a look at his social media indicates how active he is with ‘B Positive’ at the moment.

In an October 2021 interview, executive producer Chuck Lorre emphasized Drew’s relevance, saying that Drew and Gina’s deep friendship guaranteed Drew’s importance to the story. So as far as we know the rumors of him leaving the show are just rumors.

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