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My Brilliant Friend Season 4: Will HBO Return With Another Season? Find Out Below

HBO’s My Brilliant Friend Is one of its kind coming of age drama series that chronicles the life journies growing through the 1950s and the struggles they face in a postwar world. The series developed by Saverio Costanzo has gathered a lot of critical acclaims. Meanwhile, it has also impressed the fans. And now, they are waiting for My Brilliant Friend Season 4 after the third season concluded. So let’s discuss what we know about the fourth season.

Is My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Coming?

The third season of the drama series was released on HBO on February 6, 2022, and the season came to an end on February 2022. And it has been only a couple of weeks since the third season got out. Although there has not been any official announcement about its renewal for My Brilliant Friend Season 4, several reports on the internet are pointing towards it. However, we will have to wait till a release date for My Brilliant Season 4 is announced. Meanwhile, stay tuned on TechRadar247 for all the updates.

My Brilliant Friend season 4

What Is The Show About?

HBO’s Coming of age drama series follows Elena, a woman in her sixties who receives a message from the son of her childhood friend Lila. After a heated dispute, including the destruction of family photographs, she vanished. Elena answers with an icy retort, expressing how weary she is by her friend’s proclivity for doing the impossible.

Following that, we watch their upbringing, which takes place largely after WWII in a poor Neapolitan area. Elena is a diligent student who values hard work, but Lila is a feisty young lady who delights in mischief. Despite their differences in personality, they become close friends.

Is The Series Based On A Real Story?

The plot of ‘My Brilliant Friend’ draws inspiration from a real incident. The series is also based on Elena Ferrante’s eponymous novel. The first season is based on the first volume of Ferrante’s critically acclaimed four-book Neapolitan literary series. At the same time, the Season 2 of My Brilliant Friend is adapted from the second episode of the series titled The Story of the New Name.

Elena and Lila are the central protagonists of Ferrante’s novel series, which is based on the HBO drama of the same name. The books are more than just a coming-of-age story, as they follow the lives of two girls. And eventually women, from childhood to old age, spanning nearly 60 years.

Cast Details!

The cast of HBO, My Brilliant Friend, features a number of powerful performers amazingly portraying their roles. The list of cast members in the series starts with Margherita Mazzucco playing teenage Elena Greco. Elder Elena is played by Elisabetta De Palo, while her child version is played by Ingrid Del Genio. Meanwhile, Alba Rohrwacher appears as the narrator of the story and current day Elena.


The series also features Ludovica Nasti as a young Raffaella “Lila” Cerullo, Gaia Girace appears as adolescent Lila. The series also stars Luca Gallone as Vittorio Greco, Elena’s father, and Anna Rita Vitolo is seen as Immacolata Greco, her mother. While Antonio Buonanno and Valentina Acca play Lila’s parents in the series. 

In addition, other important cast members include Antonio Milo as Silvio Solara. And Imma Villa plays Manuela’s wife, Giovanni Amura as Lila’s husband, Stefano Carracci. If the series is recommissioned for My Brilliant Friend Season 4, we might see most of the main cast members returning in their respective roles. Also, there are reports that Alba Rohrwacher will also appear in the fourth season as Elena.

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