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Chosen Season 2: When Is The Series Coming On Netflix? Is Adrian Dead?

Netflix’s Chosen is Danish sci-fi thriller series that premiered on the streaming platform last month. The series developed by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Kaspar Munk, Ida Maria Rydén, and Christian Potalivo has impressed the fans with the first season. However, the ending of the debut season left many unanswered questions. So, fans are eagerly waiting for Chosen Season 2. But will it happen? Let us find that out below-

What To Expect From Chosen Season 2?

The first season of Chosen ended on a wistful note with some surprises. In the end, there was a fight quarrel among the group, Emma takes Lukas’ side. Meanwhile, she also discovered that Lykke was obscuring something. After seeing Lykke with Susan and Adrian, Lukas motivated Emma to reach her. Emma encountered Adrian at Mama Thai, and Adrian revealed his true self to Emma. But it turned out Emma was also herself.

Chosen Season 2

When the series returns for Chosen Season 2, it is likely to follow the story after the events of the first season finale. In the next season, viewers might see Emma on a quest to find more sentimental creatures from her native planet while trying to reconnect with her old group. The next season may also give some sort of closure to Emma’s love life. Viewers might also get some closure on Emma’s love life, and maybe she will end up with Marie. On the other hand, Mads’ journey will be interesting to see in the next season. And we shall know whether he indeed sides with Astraeus.

The upcoming season will also answer How Mads can regain his external drive. Emma might now be forced to lay low as Lykke has died, though she may acquire some assistance from Susan. The next season might also give us a little more detail about Lukas’ character. However, the biggest question fans are hoping for Chosen Season 2 to answer is whether will Emma and her group will be able to return to their planet or net.

Chosen Season 2: Release Date

The first season of the drama series landed on Netflix on January 27, 2022. And the ending left fans wondering many questions about the story, and there is a lot of room for the story to continue in Chosen Season 2. Meanwhile, talking about Chosen Season, there has not been any official announcement yet from the streaming platform about the renewal of the show for a second season. 

However, for some time, Scandinavian shows like Trapped and The Chesnut Man have done really well on Netflix. So, we are hopeful that the platform will be interested in bringing the show back for another installment. But as we said, there is no information about the release date of the second season. So stay tuned to TechRadar247 for any updates about the show.

Is Adrian Dead In Chosen?

Emma walks up to the coast near the end of last season’s finale and discovers a luminous white globe. Inside the sawmill, Emma noticed the same globe. Adrian, as well as other aliens, are also waiting for the ship to return them home, which she discovers. Adrian reacted to the interplanetary signal from their home planet, which indicated the end of the conflict. The spaceship, however, goes black and explodes right next to their eyes.

Perhaps the fight isn’t ended yet, implying that Lukas is a participant in the same conflict. Adrian informs Emma that she must track down other members of their kind that are scattered across the country, if not the planet. Lukas arrives shortly after and snaps Adrian’s head off, thereby killing him. Even if they can’t return home, Emma still has a lot to learn about herself and her species.

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