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Letterkenny Season 11: What’s Next For Wayne? Spinoff Confirmed! Know Release Date

The Canadian comedy-drama series Letterkenny follows the quirky trouble in the lives of the residents of the titular town. The show has been very popular among the fans for its ten season-long runs. The tenth season premiered on Hulu in December 2021. In the end, we saw Hicks drunk and calling each other fake names as they drove around town. But what’s next? Let us discuss what we know about Letterkenny Season 11.

What To Expect From Letterkenny Season 11?

At the end of the tenth season of Letterkenny, viewers saw Hicks drunk-driving in the town while calling each other with made-up names. They were also successful in persuading the hockey players and Skids to come along and aid them to pick stones. On the other hand, Hockey players were deserted Aly and Bianca, who go looking for greener pastures.

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Upon its return with Letterkenny Season 11, the story will continue will likely continue after the events of the tenth season. It might feature Hicks again getting in trouble with the “tough guys” from outside Letterkenny. If this happens, then Dierks’ muscular cousins are bound to get involved. On the other hand, the upcoming season will likely delve deeper into the rivalry between English and French Canadians. At the same time, the next season might also bring some trouble from Wayne and Rosie, as things have been going pretty smooth for them for a while. And we doubt this will continue for long.

When Is Letterkenny Season 11 Coming?

All seven episodes of the tenth season of Letterkenny were released for the American audience on Hulu on December 26, 2021. Now talking about Letterkenny Season 11, fans have more than enough reason to rejoice that the series will return the eleventh season. The show was renewed for the tenth and eleventh seasons altogether back in September 2021. 

Showrunner Mark Montefiore revealed that the production of seasons 10 and 11 have also been done together. As of now, Letterkenny Season 11 is in the advanced stages of production. Although we don’t have a confirmed release yet for the eleventh season, we expect its release sometime around mid-2022. In addition to the renewal of the eleventh season, a spinoff named Shoresy has also been confirmed. The spinoff series will revolve around the titular character. The trailer for the spinoff is already here, and it is expected to release in 2022.

Letterkenny Spinoff Storyline!

Shoresy has risen to prominence in hockey following his performance with the Kerry County Eagles. The series will chronicle the title character as he pursues his professional sports career and quest for glory. In order to achieve his goal of playing in the NHL, Shoresy will have to traverse a new location, new club, and new people. Expect conflict early and often, given Shoresy’s obnoxious and combative nature. Shoresy’s sense of humor, which made him one of Letterkenny’s finest, most clever, and witty characters, should hopefully be retained.

Will Shoresy Come Back To Letterkenny?

While it’s exciting to see fantastic characters receive their own show, it’s frequently painful to see them leave the original group. Shoresy and Letterkenny, fortunately, are in a really special location. With Jared Keeso appearing in both programs. It’s likely that Shoresy will return to Letterkenny, Ontario, but it is not certain when exactly. Fans only have to hope that the two programs’ narrative arcs allow for a reunion without any schedule complications or financial concerns.

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