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Snowfall Season 5 Episode 9: Louie & Jerome Distance Themselves From Franklin in “Departures!”

It looks like Franklin and Louie will begin to separate their businesses in Snowfall Season 5 Episode 9. His sister has decided to deal with Teddy directly, which will lead to some tricky situations. Meanwhile, Buckley will go after Kane when an officer gets killed, leading to more discomfort for Franklin and his family. So, keep reading ahead to learn all the necessary details about the ninth episode.

Snowfall Season 5 Episode 9 Preview: What Will Happen?

The ninth episode of Snowfall Season 5 is titled “Departures.” Franklin would be in disdain after knowing that his own sister had betrayed him. He will struggle to gather his thoughts as he might be forced to go up against his own blood. Meanwhile, Louie and Jerome will separate themselves from Franklin. Buckley might not be able to kill Kane, and he would be forced to bear the consequences of it. An officer gets killed mysteriously, which will lead to the cops going after Franklin and Louie in episode 9.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Louie went behind Franklin’s back and met with Teddy to get a direct supply from him. She put herself and Jerome in more danger as Teddy was not the one to be trusted. Teddy was also supplying cocaine to their biggest competition without worrying about war. After the deal. Louie and Jerome became focused on their upcoming meeting. They also invited Skully to the wedding as a good-faith gesture and a means to mix their business. However, Skully spiked the chocolate fountain with LSD, and everyone began to trip on chocolate-covered strawberries.

Meanwhile, in Snowfall Season 5 Episode 8, only Veronique and Wanda were the only ones who were sober. Veronique was feeling nauseous due to her pregnancy and left the wedding. Moreover, Wanda was allergic to chocolate. She was sober and helped everyone to get better. However, she could not help Franklin, who had the most adverse hallucinations and realizations.


Further, Franklin cursed his mom Cissy under the influence of LSD. He also had a long conversation with White Rob’s ghost. He even had a vision of his younger and innocent self. Moreover, Fraklin also paged Teddy and threatened him. However, the LSD also positively affected Franklin as he became more done to Earth and had a heart-to-heart with Leon. The two best friends talked about their lives and business. Franklin thanked Leon for taking care of Cissy by putting her in the back of his car’s trunk.

Elsewhere, Franklin got some shocking news when he danced with the bride Louie. She told her brother that his empire was about to crumble as Louie had decided to go rogue. While Louie was having a conversation with Franklin, Buckley attacked Kane as per Louie’s orders in Snowfall Season 5 Episode 8.


Snowfall Season 5 Episode 9: Airing Date

FX will air Snowfall Season 5 Episode 9 on April 13, 2022. The network broadcasts a new episode weekly on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET. The latest episode can be streamed on Hulu a day after FX’s broadcast.

Further, the current season is available to stream on Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu+Live. So, don’t forget to watch the ninth episode and keep returning for more thrilling episode previews only on

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