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Kung Fu Panda 4: Is It Happening? Director Spilling Details About Future Installment

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Fans first got introduced to Po, our favorite clumsy and funny panda with a knack for martial arts, in 2008 when the first KungFu Panda movie was released. The Chosen One protector of the Valley of Peace charmed his way into the hearts of the viewers. The movie spawned two sequels after immense success. The third film in the Kung Fu Panda series was released in 2016. And the fans have been waiting for Kung Fu Panda 4 since then. Unfortunately, even after five years, there is very little we know about the film. So, will there be another installment with our favorite Panda? Find out here-

Will There Be Kung Fu Panda 4?

Lately, there have been so many talks about the fourth installment of Kung Fu Panda. While talking to the press about “Kung Fu Panda 3,” director Jennifer Yuh Nelson said that the fourth movie is not in her or the producers’ plans, and they were concentrating on Kung Fu Panda 3 to give the audience everything they hoped. She added, “We want to make this a perfect jewel, and then we’ll see what happens after that.” 

Kung Fu Panda 4

However, almost two years after the third film’s release, Nelson talked in more detail about Kung Fu Panda 4 . She expressed that she is more open to the concept than before but definitely didn’t establish anything about its possibility. Nelson said that she always planned the Kung Fu Panda franchise as a trilogy. She added, “the pull is Po. Po is the world. So I am sure something will happen at some point, but it’s just that I don’t know what.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the co-founder of Dreamworks, once pointed out that the Kung Fu Panda franchise can have up to six movies. His statement hinted at the possibility of further installments. But unfortunately, the chances of them happening are not very bright. Thus, if you are one of the fans who are eagerly waiting for a Kung Fu Panda 4, then we only have one thing to say to you. It is very important that we learn to manage our expectations. 

What Can The Fourth Film Be About?

As the third movie of the franchise ended, it felt like Kung Fu Panda 4 will explore Po Ping’s family and their bond. Po defeating Kai and putting an end to all of his wrongdoings astounded the audience. While Po appears to be given more attention in the picture.

Meanwhile, Po was last seen approaching the Panda settlement and reunited with his father and other pandas in the previous installment. Po was seen instructing his son the craft of Kung Fu and grooming him to become a master of the martial arts. Now, Po is expected to reunite with his biological father and family in the upcoming Kung Fu Panda 4 film. In Kung Fu Panda 4, the villain Kai and his henchmen may be able to hold their position against Po and his army of pandas.

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