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Veronica Mars Season 5: Will There Be A Fifth Season? Find Out Here

After almost twelve years since the third season of the fan-favorite series Veronica Mar, Hulu revived the series for a fourth season bringing the character back to the screen. But unfortunately, it has been a couple of years since that, and fans are still waiting for Veronica Mars Season 5.  

Veronica Mars is a popular American crime drama series that debuted on The CW in September 2004. The series created by Rob Thomas follows the titular teenager Veronica played by Kristen Bell. She investigates crimes in her hometown of Neptune. Veronica was no longer a teenager but an adult woman in the fourth season of the show that came after more than ten years. 

When Is Veronica Mars Season 5 Coming?

Hulu revived the series for the fourth season of Veronica Mars over a decade after the premiere of season 3. The fourth season of Veronica Mars was released on Hulu on July 19, 2019, a week before the initial release date. Now, it has been over two years since the revied fourth season arrived. However, there has been no confirmation from the creators and the network about Veronica Mars Season 5. 

Veronica Mars Season 5

The only glimmer of hope that fans have is that, when his show is revived, it runs for more than one season. Thus, if showrunner Rob Thomas feels he has more stories to tell, we might witness Veronica Mars Season 5. But as of now, there is not much information available about it. So we advise the fans to stay tight and stay tuned to Techradar247 for any and every update about their favorite shows.

What Happened In The Fourth Season?

The fourth season of the series cont inues the story after the events of the film. In the season, Logan and Veronica are with each other now. Veronica is working as a private investigator. Her father, Keith, who is in a challenging place, is still recovering from the events in the film. He is also helping Veronica. One of the subplots of the season was Keith’s decreasing interest in his job.


Veronica was probing into who’s behind the death of the four people by a bomb in a local inn. Some new players enter the picture, and they are more dangerous than Veronica’s past enemies. The rich folks of the town were keen on keeping their secrets and stature unharmed while. On the other hand, a drug cartel is decapitating people. A local gang is using all the chaos to their advantage. And a man proclaiming to be one of the preys of the blast is on his own mission.

At the end of the fourth season, Veronica’s life was in going through ups and downs. She married her long-time lover Logan Logan. Logan became a victim of a bomb planted in the car for Veronica by the main villain Penn Epler. Veronica eventually pursued treatment after a year, which has been a massive conflict between Veronica and Logan. Logan was alive and was seemingly leaving Neptune forever, taking to the road to pick up more cases for Mars Investigations.

What To Expect From Veronica Mars Season 5?


The ending of the fourth season of the series has opened up a lot of directions in which the show can head when it returns for Veronica Mars Season 5. The upcoming season may explore what’s next in Veronica’s career after leaving Neptune. Her new private investigation agency Mars Investigations is back in California. On the other hand, Keith was trains and grooms Matty, who is very much like Veronica in more ways than one. Her father died in the first spring break bombing. In addition, the new season will bring fresh challenges for Veronica and probably a new nemesis.

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