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Our Blues Episodes 11: Young-ok & Jeong-jun Go On A Journey Together!

The previous episode of the Kdrama series Our Blue premiered on May 8, 2022. The episode featured an interesting interaction between Eun-hui and her friend, Mi-ran. On the other hand, Seon lost the case, and Dong-Seok was trying to calm her down. Now fans are gearing up for Our Blues Episode 11 to find out what’s next for our favorite characters-

What To Expect From Our Blues Episode 11?

Fans have been eagerly waiting to find out what the upcoming episode of Our Blues has in store for them. Unfortuantely, however, there is not much we know about Our Blues Episode 11, as the network releases no summary. But we assume the episode focuses on Seon Ah and Dong Seok, striving against all obstacles to persuade their dads that their kids will be well. They’ve reached an agreement since Dong Seok’s queries have ultimately been addressed. Even though Seon Ah’s life revolves solely around her kid, Dong Seok, he still loves her as he did years ago.

Young-ok and Jeong-jun will agree to embark on a journey together in Our Blues Episode 11. Dong-Seok is rescued by Jeong-jun who assists him with restoring Seon-childhood a’s house. On the other side, Eun-hui gathers her closest friend, Mi-ran, and travels to Jeju Island to reflect on her past. Jeong-jun also seemed to have figured out why Young-ok was continually moving about.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

Our Blues Episode 10 featured a brief interaction between Eun-hui and her closest friend, Mi-ran, who was having a great time with her colleagues. Mi-ran informed her that she and her daughter would be traveling to Paris and that she intended to visit Jeju one day.

On the other hand, Dong-Seok continued to lend a hand while Seon-a attempted to rebuild her father’s old ranch house. She made the decision to go to Jeju with her son, Yeol, as soon as she was granted custody. Dong-Seok joined Seon-a when she came to Seoul for her son’s birthday. Seon-a went shopping for a horse cushion in a toy store, while Dong-Seok went shopping for fresh products to market on Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, Seon lost the case. She couldn’t stop crying as she traveled in Dong-pickup Seok’s on their journey back to Jeju Island. Dong-Seok attempted to calm her down and convince her that nothing good would happen to her if she continued to be depressed.   Dong-Seok joins her for a stroll along the Han River after a good cry.

When And Where To Watch Our Blues Episode 11?

The tenth episode of Our Blues premiered on Netflix on May 8, 2022. But now we’re past that as the premiere date of Our Blues Episode 11 is here. The episode premieres on tvN network in the home country of South Korea at 9:10 Pm. Meanwhile, fans in the United States can catch the episode on Netflix.

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