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The Orville Season 3 Episode 1: Crew Prepares For A Next Fight In “Electric Sheep!” Know What’s Next

Fans of The Orville will be pleased to know that their favorite sci-fi show is back with the third season. The Orville Season 3 Episode 1 will be a rollercoaster ride for the series fans. The last we saw was that The Orville was destroyed, and now things would be in chaos. It seems like the team will work hard to survive in the battle, and everything won’t work as per their plan. Keep reading to know more.

The Orville Season 3 Episode 1 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Earlier in 2022, Hulu dropped the first trailer of The Orville: New Horizons. It focuses on the intense ship battle. It flashed blue and red laser beams in space. The atmosphere is tense, and everything seems to be falling apart. Marcus Finn tries to deal with the havoc. He works on the crumbling ship with his younger brother Ty. Meanwhile, the Planetary Union ship was set on fire. However, Kaylon android Isaac approached them. But something was wrong. When they call Isaac’s name, his blue eyes turn red, and he starts attacking them.

A Quick Recap!

The previous season finale opened with Kaylon conquering half of the known galaxy after altering the original timeline. Gordon and Ed somehow survived by scavenging the food on different planets. After escaping from Kaylon’s claws, Kelly captured their ship. She reunited with Orville officers and eliminated Issac and Bortus from the original timeline.

Kelly explained that she never married Ed because her memory wipes failed, and she never boarded the Orville. Claire didn’t join the crew, and without her romantic reunion with Issac, they never defected to the Union. It later resulted in Kaylon’s annihilating Earth.

The Orville Season 3 Episode 1

Kelly planned to work on her memory wipe. She planned to redo the procedure and gather Isaac’s research from Orville to find a key protein that could help her. The crew collected the protein from Alara Kitan’s resistance cell and restored the Orville from the bottom of Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean. Bortus survived after evacuating the crew with minimal life support.

After the Orville returned to its original place, John used the seized Kaylon body to access Isaac’s memory, but it exposed their location. With Kaylon closing, John succeeded in sending Claire in the past. Kaylon destroyed Orville, but Claire successfully erased Kelly’s memories, and she decided to go on a second date with Ed, restoring her original timeline.

The Orville Season 3 Episode 1: Premiere Date

Finally, after a three-year long break, the highly-anticipated show is returning to the small screen. It will air on June 2, 2022. Each episode follows a weekly release pattern airing on Thursday night. However, it won’t air on Fox. The show has moved to a new home, and from now on, it will air on Hulu. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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